Cross-Screen Connection

Cross Screen

Q: What is cross-screen advertising?

A: Using HTML5 as the backbone, it’s a digital marketing campaign that features simultaneous placement across desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Constant Connectivity

More and more consumers are moving between devices, and many even use two or more devices simultaneously. The increasing popularity of mobile devices offers marketers unprecedented access to consumers along the path to purchase, from brand awareness through conversion. It represents an enormous opportunity for brands to create a holistic experience for consumers as they move sequentially between devices all day.

The benefits for brands that employ successful cross screen campaigns include raising brand awareness and extending reach, delivering highly-targeted and engaging messaging, increasing share of voice in competitors’ markets, and compelling consumers to act.

Be Responsive

You can’t talk about cross-screen marketing without talking about responsive design.  For a cross-screen campaign to be as effective as it can be, the creative has to function properly across multiple screen sizes. Creative that doesn’t dynamically optimize to fit each screen is one of the major challenges of cross-screen advertising, and marketers need to make sure their creative functions well across any screen size.

Some important things to keep in mind when planning your cross-screen campaign include

Online, all the time.

Consumers are connected to their devices more than ever. They depend on them to provide information, advice, and entertainment through every aspect of their lives. It gives brands access to their precise audience like never before, wherever they go and virtually any time of day. Delivering your message to your audience across multiple devices also makes it easy for consumers to make a purchase on whatever device they’re most comfortable with.

Content is King.

The relentless introduction of faster, smarter, more powerful devices has created consumers who want their media experience to be immersive. They expect to be able to consume content whenever and wherever they want. But they’re savvy, and they’re not swayed by traditional, invasive ads, especially those that have no relevance. Consumers respond to advertising that’s presented as a unified experience, targeted specifically to them.

Consider Your Audience.

A great U/X has huge impact on the receptivity of your cross-screen campaign. Successful campaigns create highly personalized experiences for audiences, as messaging reaches consumers when they’re using the devices that they depend on throughout their day. Recognizing that consumers interact differently with each device, marketers need to be sure to consider the functionality of the creative and how it will appeal to consumers in the way they will be most likely to engage with it (see: responsive design, above).

Cross Over to Cross-Screen

Cross-screen campaigns that deliver cohesive messaging across smartphones, tablets, and desktops engage consumers like never before. With a little effort, marketers can take advantage of consumers’ connection to their devices to deliver engaging messaging that gets noticed.