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As cookies are being phased out to protect user privacy, advertisers will be hungry for data to personalize content. MNI has cookie-free solutions in place to shield its clients, to deliver effective and efficient advertising campaigns-just as we always do. Here’s how:

For digital campaigns to be successful, marketers need to ensure their ad spend is being used to effectively reach the ad campaign’s target audience—real people in search of products or services. Unfortunately, ad fraud exists in the digital marketing ecosystem and not all campaigns are seen…

Digital Marketing 101: Pharma From privacy and brand-safety concerns to federal rules and regulations, pharma brands have challenges that marketers in other industries don’t have. And then there’s COVID-19. How has coronavirus affected pharma marketing, and how can the industry take advant…

We updated our widely-cited 2018 Generation Z white paper to include new insight and statistics about Gen Z’s habits as a demographic, including trends from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The results of our independent survey remain the same: digital natives are powerful consumers, and brand…

Get your message into the palms of consumers' hands, right on their trusted and ever-present smartphones. Hyperlocal mobile targeting is a powerful way to target prospective customers in highly specific areas, even within a few streets or blocks, increasing foot traffic and sales.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless mobile communications. It promises a tremendous increase in the amount of data that can be transmitted, improving speed, capacity, and latency. What will its impact be on advertising?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is also referred to Machine Intelligence. It can be overwhelming, so we’ve created this simple read to illustrate how AI can personalize consumer experiences

With so many ways to get marketing messages into people’s heads, audio streaming literally gets it done. Check out strategic advertisers who have nailed brand messaging – and why it works

Voice search has disrupted the marketing industry. More and more organizations are building it into their strategies. Find out what everyone’s talking about and who’s listening.

Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology right now. But what is it? And why is everyone talking about it? MNI has all the answers.

Technology-based innovation arrives faster than most organizations can keep up. Smart speakers and voice assistants let us interact with our homes and with retailers in new and seamless ways, while smartphones are becoming the new shopping cart. More viewers than ever before are replacing t…

By 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers and influence nearly $44 billion in discretionary. This primer will give you a running start.

2018 HOLIDAY SEASON GUIDE FOR MARKETERS: Everything you need to know to master your holiday sales. Published on Jul 10, 2018 Brands that start planning their holiday campaigns early increase their chances of getting their share of the holiday pie.

SIGN ME UP: Why Subscription-Based Models are on the Rise Published on Feb 14, 2018 In April 2017, subscription company websites had 37 million visitors, an increase of 831% from 2014. Marketers need to capitalize on the popularity of subcom services, and the mentality behind their growth, b…

DIGITAL MARKETING 101: PHARMA: Navigating the sometimes-challenging world of Digital Pharma Marketing. Published on Nov 13, 2017

THERE’S NO BORING IN B2B ADVERTISING Published on Oct 23, 2017 There’s No Boring in B2B Advertising provides an overview of the dramatic shift B2B marketing has taken, and the creative opportunities this evolution means for B2B marketers.

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The best customer data strategies start with resolving, analyzing, and operationalizing first-party data. However, the need for quality third-party data has never been stronger as cookies are phased out. Join us for 20-minute session on tactics you can embrace today to interact with and pers… View

From things you needed to do to things you wanted to do, who DIDN’T have a DIY list (on paper or in mind) during the stay-at-home orders?  Learn how businesses—big box stores and local professionals alike—can nab the dollars of these at-home DIYers.  View

One thing is evident during these turbulent times: people want to be heard. As a result, some brands have been forced to take a stand to become visible and respected by their target audience. We’re covering Cause Marketing and how to successfully execute this unique activist strategy. View

The pandemic has slowed travel, but consumers who are tired of looking at the same four walls are beginning to consider vacations once again. However, this is only if brands can assure them of  their safety and value.  Here are our tips on the perfect travel marketing strategy, with COVID-19… View

Amid all the uncertainties, it may seem premature to start worrying about the plans of rising high-school seniors. But it’s not. According to dozens of enrollment managers, admissions directors, consultants, counselors, and students themselves what applicants and their families want is reass… View

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Virtual tours, showrooms and fitting rooms are growing in popularity. They are the first step in everything from what’s for dinner to what to wear. The relationship between brick and mortar or, as we like to say Brick ‘n Click has never been more connected to sales and engagement. This sessi… Read more

Case Studies

A Texas-based auto dealership found real, measureable success with a data-driven digital campaign that connected messaging with likely purchasers.

Standing out in the competitive NYC real estate market takes tenacity, agility, and experience—a highly targeted video-based campaign is a proven way to stand out.

Showcase the best your city has to offer with eye-catching imagery on the cover of the nation’s most popular magazines.

Full-color ads in popular national magazines inspire readers and increase donations to a children’s non-profit.

Connecting messaging with voters is how one underdog got the vote and won. MNI’s data and insights reached two distinct audiences in real time to make the difference.

Advertisers can reach more than 84 million households via connected, stream services, according to The Trade Desk. More and more brands are using OTT to reach target audiences. See how one chain used it get their slice of the pie.

CASE STUDY: Travel & Tourism Published on May 7, 2018 Kukui'ula, a luxury community on the South Shore of Kaua'i, Hawaii, used an innovative and eye-catching Cover Wrap campaign to reach their precise audience. Our audience analysis revealed that prospective Kukui'ula residents have a passio…