Harness the Power of Programmatic Ads

All programmatic buying solutions are not created equally. MNIx goes beyond traditional media buying and planning and provides custom precise digital strategy for every unique ad campaign.

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Our mix of components makes all the difference.

MNIx offers the perfect balance of expansive data and targeting capabilities, plus brand-safe scalable inventory all in one platform, that’s delivered on digital media plans with exceptional, insightful reporting.



We can target audiences effectively, with access to over 200+ partners.  Our own insights from The Omnipoint System can inform & elevate any campaign strategy.



Access across countless DSPs and Exchanges gets you the best cross-platform brand-safe inventory at efficient pricing, including first-look exclusive PMP inventory.


Proprietary Solutions

Our many years of advertising expertise has allowed us to develop in-house tools and solutions to help aid you in targeting your right audience.  Ask us about it - whether its motto, AI Modeling, DataMatch or our exclusive Cannabis audience targeting tool. We can help.


Innovative Ad Tech

Our ad tech is the perfect match of human and AI influences. Just ask us about the power of The Omnipoint System or how DMM can streamline your campaign management.


Reporting & Optimization

Accurate reporting of your campaign to ensure that your impressions run in brand-safe environments to protect your brand from ad fraud.

Precise. Proven. Programmatic.

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Digital Advertising Without Third-Party Cookies

All stakeholders in the advertising ecosystem will be impacted by the shift away from cookies in 2024. Prepping in advance is your best bet for when cookies go away. Download