MNIx Harnesses the Power of Programmatic Ads.

Programmatic opens up unrivaled inventory and smart targeting, adding a layer onto your digital strategy to help you exceed any KPI. As a programmatic media buying company, we can buy inventory and target specific audiences in a way we never have before, providing richer and smarter advertising experiences.




MNIx offers a DSP with access to virtually any RTB inventory, including Meredith exchange inventory, as well as vertically aligned PMPs.

Cross Platform

Display, Mobile/Tablet, Video, Native, Connected TV, Digital OOH, and Streaming Audio all available within the same platform.

Advanced Targeting

MNIx drills down big data, giving you a new way to reach hard-to-find audiences.

Data Management Solutions

Utilize first-party data, either your own or with our assistance, through a DMP, to inform your digital campaigns.

Tailored Ads

Our creative optimization tool automatically generates multiple ad sizes from your creative assets.

Optimization & Reporting

MNI layers technology with human intelligence to maximize campaign performance and provide actionable insights.

Brand Safety

Safety monitoring, site exclusions, and additional safety measures ensure your ads only appear on sites that are in line with your brand guidelines.

Pricing Models

Flexible pricing options enable effective leveraging of our cross-channel, targeted digital executions, while staying on budget.

The MNIx PMPs provide first-look and exclusive access to inventory.

We’ve leveraged direct relationships with all of our publishing partners to curate packages of premium, brand safe inventory across specific themes and audiences.

Private Marketplace

Our PMP solution gives buyers and sellers greater exclusivity and control over partnerships, pricing and inventory, and specifications.




MNIx Makes it Simple to Harness the Power of Programmatic Ads

Our programmatic solution gives you access to the best media experts, with a completely managed service.

  • Richer and smarter advertising experiences.
  • Efficiently value and transact digital media.
  • Enhanced audience insights.
  • Leverage your first-party data.
  • Brand safe environment.
  • Flexible pricing models.
  • Most efficient way to execute against CPA goals.
  • Fully managed service with a single point of contact.

P.S. What is Programmatic Ad Buying?

It’s simple: It’s the automation of the media-buying process, including buying, placing, and optimizing ads, all in real time.

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