Two women at a local café using their phones to make plans for the day.

Local Online Advertising

One simple and effective way to reach your target audience is by going local. It’s a vital way to stand out when advertising your business.

I Need My Brand Seen on a Local Level

With local advertising, you know your message is reaching the right people.

80% of MNI campaigns had a geographic focus last year, so we know local. We have three distinct and powerful ways to connect your message with your audience, across local newspaper, television, and radio websites in your desired markets, nationwide.


Site Direct

Advertise on one or more specific local radio, television channel, and newspaper sites.



Reach your audience on our network of local endemic radio, TV, and newspaper sites.



Our demographic and behaviorally targeted network of all local radio, TV, and newspaper sites.

Bring your brand messaging into the hands and homes of nearby target audiences.

I Want to Advertise Locally

Media Performance Today. Eyes on Tomorrow.

No Retainer, Only Results

Trusted Partner

Agnostic Strategy

Scalable Approach

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