The Power of Magazine Advertising

Target and engage your audience with levels of interactivity you only thought possible with digital. 

We've made it easy to influence precise audiences across high-impact magazine media solutions, to boost consumer engagement.

In-Book Magazine Advertising

Our magazine networks are different by design.

Choose from top-tier magazines grouped into fourteen audience and contextually targeted, lifestyle-aligned networks, each constructed to reach precisely the right consumer. Or build your own network. Either way, your brand benefits from being seen in the nation's premier magazines.

  • Deliver your message to target audiences in select markets nationwide to maximize impact and efficiency.
  • Overlay high-impact units for increased recall.


Attention-grabbing magazine advertising

Multi-page ads are wrapped around the most prestigious national magazines. Your message becomes the cover.

Reach specific individuals in their homes or businesses, using your custom list or one curated from our extensive database. You can even reach your audience at coveted locations like trade shows, conferences, and events, and the high-traffic waiting areas of salons, fitness centers, doctor’s offices, and more.