The Power of Magazine Advertising

Target and inspire your audience with engaging ads, the same way you do with digital. 

We've made it easy to buy precise audiences across high-impact magazine media solutions, to engage like-minded consumers.

In-Book Magazine Advertising

In-Book Magazine Advertising

Our magazine networks are different by design.

Our fourteen lifestyle-aligned networks provide you with the opportunity to put geo-targeted ads in a top-tier magazine. Or, you can build your own network. Either way, your brand benefits from precise local targeting in the nation's premier magazines.

  • No charge copy splits let you localize your message or creative by market, without waste.
  • High-impact ad units drive engagement and increase brand recall. 

Cover Wraps

Cover Wraps

Cover Wraps are a unique, high-impact targeting solution. 

Your message is showcased on the cover, reaching your audience when they are most receptive to your message. 

  • Tell a story. Reach new customers. 
  • Showcase complex messaging across 4-6 pages of high-impact magazine cover real estate, allowing for deeper engagement with customers.

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