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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM services drive web traffic, with tailored technologies and strategies that focus on ROI.

Put My Site Above the Fold on Search Engines

Search Is Key in Top-of-Funnel Campaigns

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Search Audiences Self-Select for Targeting

The right search solutions ensure that your business gets found by the people who are looking for you, making a real difference in your search engine ranking, and in your bottom line.

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Make Your Brand Visible from the Very Start

In an increasingly cluttered and competitive marketplace, SEM drives growth. It funnels internet traffic, and is highly likely to be your audience’s first point of contact with your brand.

Campaign Season is Always On

We’re integrated with the leading search platforms, including Google, and all of our SEM campaigns receive:

In-Depth Service

Detailed investigation, with campaign research and budget estimates


Including keyword generation, ad copy build out, and tracking set up

Optimizations & Reporting

we deliver bid management and quality data, cost-per-click rates, conversion rates, and any other metrics needed

Meet consumers when they're searching for the exact solutions you provide.

I Need SEM Solutions

The MNI Difference

Engaging with top-tier tech and targeting partners, MNI brings cutting edge solutions to the table,
saving the hassle of navigating the ever-shifting media landscape alone.

Integrated Solutions for Success

Experience the synergy of technology and strategy for success.

Seamless integration with top-tier tech and targeting partners.

Committed Audience Strategists

Meticulous planning, activation and reporting.

Continuous monitoring of comprehensive omnichannel campaigns.

Your Path to Optimal Results

Committed to continuous learning to inform and enhance performance.

Our measurement of success is your success. 

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