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Reach Audiences on the Covers of Their Favorite Magazines

Want to make headlines? You can with a Cover Wrap. These high-impact, high-profile take-overs of premium publications are the ultimate targeting solution. Delivered to specific audiences when and where—home, work—it matters most, Cover Wraps get messaging noticed. 

What is a Cover Wrap?

A Premium Cover Takeover

Your multi-page ad is wrapped around a top-tier magazine, making it the first thing a recipient will see. 

Put your message in front of the magazine cover.

Cover Wrap Key Benefits

Our Cover Wrap marketing approach starts with uncovering your exact audience, and is powered by the most popular national titles. With 55+ years of experience, you can be sure we know exactly how to build campaigns that work.

Cover Wraps break through the clutter.

Our Powerhouse Magazine Titles

And more.

Why Partner with Us?

We provide accountable media strategies tailored for the now,
with an eye on what we will deliver tomorrow.