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As of May 1, 2024, MNI Targeted Media is Media Now Interactive. New name, same commitment. 


Performance today.
Eyes on tomorrow.

We offer media strategy, buying, and reporting for advertisers of every size and scale.

The media landscape is complex and shifts—quickly.

We understand the challenges of navigating this dynamic environment. Our mission is simple: to assist in achieving your goals. 

Why Partner with Us?

We provide media strategies for the here and now,
setting the stage for future performance.

Propel your objectives with informed strategy, accountable execution and robust reporting.

Our Focus

An Integrated Approach to Advertising

We monitor advancements that impact your performance tomorrow,
allowing you to focus on your brand mission and objectives today.

Insights informed.
Targeted reach delivered.

Harness the power of consumer insights to personalize experiences and drive revenue. By using data insights to inform strategic and tactical decisions, you cultivate relationships, better understand the connected customer, and generate meaningful and quantifiable results.

Omnichannel Media Planning & Buying Across Digital and Magazines

By adopting an omnichannel approach, you create multiple touchpoints for customers to discover and engage with your brand, ensuring your message resonates wherever they are. This drives stronger connections and better results.

Expertise. Activation. Reporting.

Every advertiser needs clear campaign goals for success. Effective management ensures goals are communicated, monitored, and adjusted for optimal performance.

Partnership. Reliability. Curiosity.

We pursue these values with our clients, our partners, and our team. We earn your trust with every interaction.

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