AI Can Be Intimidating.

AIM makes it easy by analyzing data profiles to hyper-personalize the customer experience.

Step One: Understand Your Current Consumers

Your site’s first-party data provides us insights into your current consumers and their behaviors. 

Step Two: Feed the Prospect Pool

AI Modeling will help find like-minded potential consumers. 

Step Three: Retarget Potential Customers

Use learnings to retarget these potential consumers to drive consideration.

Step Four: Convert New Customers

Convert these new prospects with similar attributes to your best prospects

Step Five: Repeat

To ensure that your potential customer prospect pool is always full, AIM will continues to search for look-alikes of your best consumers and their changing behaviors.

A continued cycle ensures that you keep refreshing your potential consumer base.
A funnel-shaped diagram depicting the

If you're not using AI yet, you're falling behind.

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