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Reimagine Business with AI Modeling

Continually push and pull potential consumers through the purchase funnel with Media Now Interactive's AI and machine learning insights.

AI Can Be Intimidating

AIM makes it easy by analyzing data profiles to hyper-personalize the customer experience.

A continued cycle ensures that you keep refreshing your potential 
consumer base.

  1. Understand Your Current Consumers: Your site’s first-party data provides us insights into your current consumers and their behaviors. 
  2. Feed the Prospect Pool: AI Modeling will help find like-minded potential consumers.
  3. Retarget Potential Customers: Use learnings to retarget these potential consumers to drive consideration.
  4. Convert New Customers: Convert these new prospects with similar attributes to your best prospects.
  5. Repeat: To ensure that your potential customer prospect tool is always full, AIM continues to search for look-alikes of your best consumers and their changing behaviors.

If you're not using AI Modeling yet, you're falling behind.

Why Partner with Us?

We provide accountable media strategies tailored for the now,
with an eye on what we will deliver tomorrow.