MNI Digital Audio Delivers

We understand the changing nature of the listening audience and will find the right audience so your ad can be seen and heard.


Premium Inventory Sources

Our MNIx Audio Collection offers the highest quality in both streaming and podcast inventory to engage and motivate active listeners.


Superior Audience Targeting

Access state-of-the-art targeting capabilities and consumer segments to reach the ears of your ideal audience.


Unmatched Metrics and Optimization

Get the ability to see, understand, and provide actionable campaign optimization recommendations.


Attribution Reporting

Access our dynamic visualization dashboard to understand the customer journey and conversion behaviors beyond the clicks delivered.

Digital Audio Provides Contextually Relevant Targeting

Engage unique consumer segments by getting into their mindset, in their moment.


Age, gender, income, occupation, location, language and life stage

Special Interests

Cooking, traveling, wellness, business


Talk, music, comedy, news

Shopping Patterns

Previous purchases, brand affinities, etc.


Mobile, tablet, connected devices, etc.


Align ad messaging to specific times and days.

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