Streaming Audio

Targeted Digital Audio Advertising

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The growth of streaming, podcasting, and voice-activation enables advertisers to launch targeted audio ads with pinpoint accuracy.

Advertisers embrace digital audio.
Here are top reasons why:

  • Large and growing audience
  • Effective reach with connected mobile consumers
  • Audio is on when screens are not
  • Favorable demographics
  • Highly measurable impressions
  • Strong responsiveness to ads
  • Brand-safe environments


Digital Audio | Moment 3 - Reasons Why advertisers embrace digital audio

The dynamic and personalized nature of streaming audio targets consumers on the go, in real-time, during relevant moments. It offers an intimate form of delivering content, adding a second sensory way of experiencing a brand beyond sight.

Effectively deliver digital audio advertisements across all streaming devices & platforms with MNI’s integrations with key data and advertising partners.

Digital Audio | Moment 4: Why MNI

Why MNI for Your Digital Audio Advertising Campaign?

  • The Omnipoint System: Our integrated tech stack and data warehouse. Designed to provide real time, actionable insights.
  • Transparent Network & Partnerships with Advertising Partners: Vetted partners complement our intelligence-based strategies
  • Effective Measurement & Actionable Insights: media-planning foundation built with data and insights

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