Over-the-Top (OTT) subscriptions are growing and marketers need to take notice.

Viewers are increasingly favoring streaming over traditional TV broadcasting.

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MNI delivers the audience scale, targeting capabilities, and campaign attribution to drive results for your brand.


Reach Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers

Effective and targeted solutions to reach valued consumers as they shift streaming behaviors.


Superior Audience Targeting

Custom solutions for reaching your audiences, with extensive targeting capabilities.


Unmatched Metrics and Optimization

Robust campaign report with top and lower funnel attribution solutions available through Motto, our dedicated line-of-sight ROI platform.


Leverage the power of MNI to deliver premium OTT inventory matched with top-tier OTT targeting, delivering the ROI you need through our exclusive OTT Attribution platform, Motto.

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CTV/OTT plays a crucial role in the media landscape.

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