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Our targeting solutions empower you to reach a health-and wellness-focused audience.

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Precise. Proven. Powerful.

  • Our qualified and unparalleled network enables us to bring messaging home—literally and figuratively.
  • Our proprietary data insights fuel campaigns.
  • We partner with brands to make sure messaging is seen and heard, when and where it matters most to you and your targets.


At the Point-Of-Care

Right Place, Right Mindset.

Patients, Care Providers, and Physicians Respond.


Communicate with and influence consumers who are looking for advice and information.


Provide information and solutions so consumers can learn more and take an action.

Break through

Reach physicians and providers when they're in a receptive environment.

Point-of-Care Advertising
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Reaching health-conscious consumers throughout the patient journey.

Whether at home reading their favorite magazine or scrolling through their smartphone in the waiting room, our targeted media solutions place messaging in consumers' hands, and minds.

Benefits of Point-of-Care Marketing:

  • 97% say magazines make the wait time go faster, and 84% don’t mind waiting if there are good magazines to read.
  • 68% of adults value the information they’re exposed to at the pharmacy or physician’s office.
  • 41% of individuals exposed to point-of-care ads are likely to recall such ads.
  • 84% of adults exposed to advertising at the pharmacy or physician’s office are likely to discuss what they’ve seen with the physician, and 77% are more likely to share the info with a friend.

The average patient waits 20 minutes in the waiting and exam rooms. During this time they read magazines and browse smartphones.

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