The Campaign Booster

The Omnipoint System™ is our in-house developed technology stack. It’s how MNI translates data into strategy to plan, execute, and measure your custom campaign. The technology is smart and efficient, saving us time that we use to develop deeper insights and strategy for your business.


How It Works

• The Omnipoint System™ marries process, data, and technology to deliver smart plans.

• We understand your audience and how best to engage them across their favorite platforms and properties.

• Then, we tap into our proprietary performance data, collected from almost 14 years in the digital space, to inform our media planning and buying strategies.

• Next, we develop your optimal plan based on research and data and your KPIs.

• The Omnipoint System™ optimizes campaigns by remembering data that fuels future campaigns.

The Result: An optimized, highly-targeted campaign.