Isolating that Single User ID

As consumers spend more and more time with media across devices, they expect the brands they engage with to be present on them all.


DataMatch™ builds comprehensive individual profiles of your target audience, using a combination of online and offline data sources, and then targets them on  the platforms where they are most likely to engage.

•  We understand the user by building a solid audience profile from a combination of online and offline data.

•  Once solid audience profiles are constructed, they are entered into a niche audience pool. Each profile within the pool includes email addresses, so as we serve ads we know exactly who we are reaching, while being PII-compliant.

•  Each campaign receives extensive optimizations and reporting, including the ability to match ads to conversions, if POS data is provided.

Data Management Solutions

Businesses run on data. Our Data Management Solutions analyze and deliver faster, smarter insights using a Data Management Platform (DMP). These reliable, actionable insights connect brands with the audiences they seek.

Our digital intelligence delivers actionable insights.

Consumers demand personalized content. You can guarantee a dynamic user experience with comprehensive data that helps you pinpoint your precise audience.

Check out The Data Download to read about the big deal on big data from those who use it best.

Third-Party Data Partners

Not all third-party data providers are created equal. Our partners are proven industry leaders, who deliver the insights and technology that are the foundation of successful campaign strategy.