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The job market is experiencing what appears to be foundational change. We've all seen the stories. Millions of job openings. Lifestyle shifts. Skills gaps. This page offers tips and tactics to consider when formulating a successful recruitment marketing strategy. 

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This MNI exclusive explores social conditions fueling the worker shortfall the U.S. enterprise is now experiencing including digital tactics designed to distinguish your brand with applicants.
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How to Find and Retain the Talent You Need in a Help Wanted World

MNI Executive Vice President’s Klarn DePalma’s How to Find and Retain the Talent You Need in a Help-Wanted World article was featured on HR Daily Advisor. The article features digital strategies and tactics companies can employ to counter the Great Resignation and cites research from MNI’s Help Wanted E-book.

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Recruitment Marketing Trends & Tips To Find Your Next Team Member

Recruitment marketing is making a big splash right now as it becomes more essential than ever to advertise your brand and business to potential employees. The competition is fierce in all industries now, and studies show that the future isn't looking any brighter, so it’s more crucial than ever to employ a successful recruitment marketing strategy.  

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Digital Case Study: Recruitment via Video

Career Benefits Recruitment

A top 50 global company was looking to aggressively recruit top-tier employees by highlighting their impressive benefits package.

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Digital Case Study: Motivating Potential Recruits with Testimonials

Police Department Recruitment

A Police department in a large metro area was looking to appeal to a new generation of recruits to the police force.

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