Top Digital Marketing & Social Media Advertising Stats April 2017


The MNI Ad Network continues to be the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the nation

• Last month, MNI’s Ad Network reached 94% of the total U.S. digital population, equating to 237,663,000 unique visitors.

Source: comScore | March 2017.



Data-driven marketing takes center stage

• Over 43% of marketers agree that bringing many data sources together into a cleansed and marketing-ready 360-degree customer view will offer the greatest ROI.  Read more about big data marketing trends.

Source: Marketing Technology 2017 | eMarketer | February 7, 2017.


Personalized ads are winning

• Ads based on user interests, shopping habits, and preferences are favored by nearly six-out-of-ten internet users aged 18-34, and over half of users aged 35-49.

Source: eMarketer | March 2017.


Social commerce is gaining traction


• With 26% of U.S. internet users who have clicked on a Facebook ad purchasing a product, targeted social media marketing strategies are becoming increasingly more important.

Source: Social Commerce Not a Hit—Except When It Is| eMarketer | April 6, 2017.


Cross-channel attribution continues to grow

• Nearly 60% of U.S. digital marketing and media experts plan to be engaged in cross-device targeting, measurement, and attribution this year, since consumers are convenience-driven, which often means they are device-agnostic.

Source: Marketers Renew Interest in Cross-Channel Attribution | eMarketer | April 10, 2017.


Users prefer their mobile devices when browsing

• Mobile now represents almost seven-out-of-ten digital media minutes, and nearly one-out-of-eight U.S. internet users are mobile-only.

Source: Cross-Platform Future in Focus, 2017 | comScore.


Video & Virtual Reality Advertising Trends

• Although late to image-based messaging and animated lenses, Facebook plans to out-innovate the space by opening its cameras to developers, to bring offerings such as animated selfie masks, augmented reality games, and high-powered graphics.

Source: AdvertisingAge | April 18, 2017.


• YouTube announced that creators will no longer be able to monetize their channels until they receive 10,000 lifetime views, in a bid to ensure that revenue only flows to creators who are ‘playing by the rules.’ Read more about digital video advertising.

Source: Business Insider | April 7, 2017.


• Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality may prove to be effective tools against ad blockers, as close to half of U.S. agency executives believe that VR and AR ads can prevent ad blocking. Read more about virtual reality and social media.

Source: eMarketer | March 2017.