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A Purple graphic of a satellite view of an active geofencing campaign in a highly targeted marketing campaign.
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Success: Mastering Geo-Based Targeting

Elevate your media execution with geo-based targeting. Discover precision marketing techniques for impactful local advertising.

Ready to try something new in local advertising? We promise that "new" doesn't mean spending more, but it could mean better performance. Geotargeting (geo-based targeting, also known as location-based advertising), leverages the power of GPS or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to create virtual boundaries around specific locations, delivering results where and when they matter most to you and your consumers. 

What is Geo-Based Targeting for Media Execution?

Geotargeting brings your message directly to your audience based on their locality and behavior. Imagine running a quick-service restaurant (QSR). With geo-based targeting, when your customers opt-in to location services from your QSR app, you can show targeted ads when they're nearby, whetting their appetites and encouraging them to stop in. The same applies to a car repair shop targeting those within 10 miles looking for assistance. Geo-based targeting ensures your content is relevant and engaging, and sparks increased consumer interaction.

How Does Geo-Targeting Work?

Geo-targeting at its core works like the GPS in your car. It detects users’ locations and uses this information to deliver relevant content based on their whereabouts. This means your messaging aligns perfectly with the user's mindset, making your offerings timely and pertinent.

83 %
of marketers find

campaigns are more successful when they use location data.

according to research from MarTech Series.

Two Types of Geo-Based Targeting

1. Location-Based

  • Narrow down your audience based on specific geographic areas, from entire countries to ZIP codes. This is ideal for businesses with physical locations aiming to drive foot traffic.

2. Localized Targeting

  • Customize content to match the preferences and needs of specific localities. Speak the language of your customers for a stronger connection, both literally and figuratively.

Is Geo-Targeting Effective?

Incorporating geo-targeting into your marketing strategy is a smart move. As of September 2023, 96% of Americans ages 18 to 29 own a smartphone. With such widespread usage, the potential audience reach is significant. Moreover,  83% of marketers find that using location data makes their campaigns more effective. 

Implementing Effective Geo-Based Media Execution Strategies

Using location data enhances marketing campaigns, for the simple reason that, if you know where potential customers are, it’s easier to show them the right promotions at the right time. By combining geo-based strategies with your ground game of local outreach, along with social and print efforts, you are making your brand an integral part of the community fabric.

For over 50 years, Media Now Interactive has prioritized personal connections by aligning messages with target audiences at the local level. True to this commitment, we take pride in having offices nationwide to ensure we maintain a true sense of community with our clients and consumers.

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