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woman writing in a notebook about the importance of data usage in marketing campaigns to increase effectiveness
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It's Never Too Late (for Data)

When leveraging consumer data, marketers can optimize digital campaigns to align more specifically with their audience's wants and needs.

It’s more about evolution than revolution.

Too often people say, “it’s too late.” They could be talking about business or life, but to all I quote Meghan Trainor: “Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no.” I’m sure Serena would say it more eloquently and agree.

Serena Williams means a lot to a lot of people. As a tennis player. As a woman. As an African American. As a mother. As a businesswoman. She prefers to say that she is “evolving,” not “retiring,” and she is the living, breathing symbol of “it’s never too late.” Her legacy as a Grand Slam winner, equal pay advocate, and symbol of triumph over adversity is everlasting.

 September marks back to school for children and grown-ups alike. As we head back to classrooms and offices, some may feel they only wish they did this or that over the summer. You didn’t miss it all. There are still LTOs for school supplies and time for one last road trip now that gas prices have gone down. And without getting into politics (okay, maybe just a little), the way recent elections have gone show that it definitely isn’t too late to get messaging out, if it speaks to what matters to the communities you’re asking to cast their vote for you. Just look at Democrat Pat Ryan, who recently, albeit narrowly, won a special election in New York’s 19th District. He advertised hard and never gave up—because it mattered to him.

Digital advertising is all about being in the moment and responding in kind to what matters most to constituents and moms, often one and the same.

As you look ahead, listen to the crowd. Serena heard the roars of the Grandstand and won, and so can you.

The growing use of data to find the right people is a marketing imperative.

  • Events like the fall of Roe v. Wade and the Jan. 6 hearings are giving Democrats hope of retaining the 50-50 Senate, which may be why rising midterm political advertising looks to easily outpace 2018 midterm revenue this year—up to $9.7 billion, according to an AdImpact estimate. But it doesn't stop there. 
  • Americans have shifted their spending habits in the face of inflation, and retailers big and small across the nation have taken notice. Here's how businesses are adapting. 
  • More than half of US adults shop online at least once a week, and 16% do so at least once a day. Overall, online shopping is on the rise and moving to mobile as the platform of choice.
  • Get going and book now. Factoring in transit costs, a strong US dollar (great for American tourists overseas, not so great for everyone else), the weather, scenery, and special events, it's a great time to visit somewhere on your bucket list. Travel Marketing Tips.



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