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Gen Z's Political Priorities

Learn about Gen Z's digital habits, motivations, and political drivers so you can craft compelling political campaign advertising that resonates.

Key Insights into Gen Z’s Political Influence

Gen Z, the most diverse generation in U.S. history, is actively shaping the landscape of American politics. Their distinctive qualities, values, and comfort with social media make them a formidable force that demands our attention, understanding, and respect. This infographic explores their priorities, political affiliations, and effective strategies to engage undecided voters.

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Gen Z’s Unique Characteristics

Unique and powerful, Gen Z has faced more challenges than most generations of their age, including too many shootings, economic recessions, and ongoing wars. Growing up with devices at their fingertips for news, fun, notifications, and more, they are well-equipped to form their own opinions on critical issues, such as gun control, environmental stewardship, and reproductive rights, that deeply resonate with them. 

Gen Z's Growing Influence

The oldest Gen Z members are turning 26 this year, making them a significant force in American politics. In the 2022 midterms, they joined Millennials in historically high voter turnout, second only to the 2018 elections, and it would be at any candidates peril not to factor their needs in their strategy.

Motivation to Vote

While single-issue voters are not unique to Gen Z, this cohort is particularly motivated by specific policies that resonate with their values. Messaging that is clear and tells a specific story can make all the difference. Starting with data on key issues will provide pivotal intel on what matters to them and where you can find them. 

An image containing the statistic "1 in 3 Gen Zers wish they knew more about the candidates and their platforms"Eager to Learn More

Despite their high level of political engagement, a significant portion of Gen Z express feeling under-informed about candidates and their positions. Surveys reveal that roughly one-third wish they knew more; about half lack confidence in their understanding of the races on their ballot. This knowledge gap underscores the opportunity for candidates to share and articulate where they stand on issues.

The Role of Social Media

Coming of age with a device in hand, Gen Z expects instant updates on news and culture. At least 50% of Gen Zers see news on social media every day and up to 15% regularly get their news from Tik Tok and many get it from push notifications. So the question political campaigns should be asking themselves is how solid is your social media team? Are you being seen where it matters with OTT ads integrated across streaming platforms and in games. If not, get moving!

Impact on Policy

One prominent example of Gen Z’ growing political influence can be seen in their response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February 2018. In the aftermath of the horrific tragedy and loss of life, two survivors emerged as vocal activists for gun control and founded the March for Our Lives movement, which quickly gained traction and put gun control to the forefront of the national political agenda.

You Want My Vote? Earn It

Gen Z can negotiate differences better than perhaps any prior generation; some call them Plurals because of their pluralist nature. They’re the most racially and ethnically diverse voters. They’re more likely to identify as LGBTQ; 20% of them, compared with 11% of millennials and only 3% of older people. They’re digital natives and oh so much more. The one thing any candidate would be foolish to do is to simply bucket them as one demo instead of reaching out to them as individuals. They’re pragmatic progressives who see too much at stake for an all-or-nothing approach. They care about the country. Any politician's success depends on winning over this generation.

Get out the Vote.

If the midterms proved anything it’s that relying on polls isn’t enough. Candidates are smart to develop relationships with voters now to build trust. Doing this requires commitment, consistency, and constant contact. It requires an in-house team and data experts like Media Now.      

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