Political Advertising

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Supercharge awareness of your campaign with local, targeted messaging.

Reach voters in real time—scaling from the neighborhood level all the way to a national rollout.


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Three proven ways to reach potential voters:

  1. Local Sites Direct Advertise on specific local radio, TV, and newspaper sites. 
  2. Local Network Reach target audiences on our network of local endemic radio, TV, and newspaper sites. 
  3. Local Audience Network Leverage our proprietary data-stack system for a layer of demographic or behavioral targeting. 

MNI’s Omnipoint System determines where and what to buy, maximizing exposure while conserving budget.

  • Political Advantage. Pre-optimized plan based
    on research and data to drive the right results. 
  • Predict Behaviors. Capture performance
    and behavior data to enhance all future campaigns.

Connect with voters who may be looking at different screens. 

Reach cord cutters and cord-neverers on over-the-top (OTT) platforms that deliver detailed metrics and measurable outcomes.

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Political print advertising: inspire action by reaching your voters with a medium they trust.

  • Magazines have a real 1:1 relationship with readers. Consumers trust them, rely on their content, and use the information in them to learn. 
  • Magazines Cover Wraps allow campaigns to place high-impact messaging on the cover of  popular and prestigious national magazines. 

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