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Access the best data and technology to reach any voter across all devices, everywhere. We transform campaigns with data-driven strategies to engage and inspire action.

We can help you achieve your campaign goals with proven digital tactics.

Media Now works with clients from every corner—to ensure precise voters are reached and motivated to action.

Media Now can help you achieve your campaign goals with proven digital tactics.

Fundraising: Inspire supporters to contribute to a campaign or PAC.

Persuasion Campaigns: Connect with receptive audiences in trusted environments, where politicians can effectively convey messaging.

Get Out the Vote Campaigns: Motivate prospective and lapsed voters to get to the polls.


How Generations are Shaping the Political Landscape

In the ever-evolving realm of politics, understanding generational influences on voter preferences is crucial. Over the past decade, significant shifts have occurred among different age groups, impacting their political affiliations and ideologies. This infographic delves into these changes and their implications for Gen Z and political campaigns.

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Essential Tips and Tactics to Connect to Voters

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