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The best data and technology to reach every voter, on every device, everywhere. We transform client campaigns with data-driven strategies that engage target audiences and inspire action.

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When every vote matters. MNI makes the difference.

A Winning Strategy

MNI supported over 350 separate campaigns spanning 160 political clients.

Connecting Nationally & Locally

For 20 Congressional races, 35 PAC campaigns and 12 State/Local we executed custom-tailored strategies leveraging data insights.

Targeting Voters with Accuracy

Data shows us the roadmap to a winning strategy. With it as our guide, over 460 million digital media impressions to elevate campaign presences when and where it matters most.

How Generations X, Millennials, and Gen Z Are Shaping the Political Landscape

In the ever-evolving realm of politics, understanding generational influences on voter preferences is crucial. Over the past decade, significant shifts have occurred among different age groups, impacting their political affiliations and ideologies.

This infographic delves into these changes and their implications for Gen Z and political campaigns. →

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Image containing a portion of the MNI Gen Z Political Infographic and the words "Generation Z's Political Priorities"

Data that delivers.

Data and tech make it easier than ever to communicate policies and values to large audiences on a consistent and trackable basis. You can have real-time visibility into who you’re reaching, on what platform, at what time, and what messages speak to that audience and drive the highest engagement.

Tap into over 17 data providers with one powerful tool.

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Six Essential Tips and Tactics to Connect to Voters

Programmatic Targeting with MNIx

Programmatic via our proprietary solution, MNIx strikes a balance of data, precision targeting, audience scale, high-end inventory, and first-class reporting.

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Streaming Audio & Podcasts

As voters’ consumption habits shift, meet them where they are across streaming and podcasts. Increasingly digital audio amplifies messaging.

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As traditional TV viewing behaviors change and access to streaming services increases, OTT and CTV will explode as advertising dollars shift this cycle.

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Streamlined access to local markets. MNI data accesses thousands of local sites so candidates can educate likely voters on issues which matter most.

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Accesses 17 politically focused data providers to give campaigns clear visibility into where ads are being served, on which platform and when. VoterMatch insights also indicate best performing ads to inform optimization and drive ROI.

CRM Targeting

Ability to use look-alike targeting to reach like-minded constituents. A core, and proven tactic used by our 2020 digital advertisers to reach target audiences.

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