By Faith Ricciardi Sales Development Associate Print media is an essential part of any successful campaign, as it provides unique./ Read More
    By Aron Caruso Director, Sales, Magazines We're all so enamored by digital advertising because it perfectly reflects our instant./ Read More
    By Aron Caruso Director of Sales, Magazines Virtually everything printed will have an Augmented Reality (AR) component tied to it./ Read More
    By Eric Riznyk, Joanne Donato, and Tatiana Morales Print Production Team Surprising no one, the Print Production Team has always./ Read More
      Bio Box “Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most./ Read More
    My boss knows exactly how to get me going.  All she has to do is forward me an article saying, “Print is Dead” and my Pavlovian./ Read More
    Elisabeth Schmitt Can you think of a time when you realized things weren’t as they seemed? That situations are complex./ Read More
    By: Kelly Kochersperger, MNI Summer Intern COMING FULL CIRCLE: THE ILLUMINATING EXPERIENCE OF AN MNI/TIME INC. INTERN At an intern./ Read More
    PRINT MEDIA IS MORE MEMORABLE Have you ever been in a bookstore and seen a person gliding her fingertips over the book covers?./ Read More
    THE ACT7 EXPERIENCE, HOSTED BY “MR. MAGAZINE”, DR. SAMIR HUSNI Recently, I had the privilege of attending the ACT7 Experience, a./ Read More
    For a long time, magazine brands and publishers have touted (rightfully so) the impressive, unique qualities of advertising in./ Read More
    Recently I had the pleasure of introducing Linda Thomas Brooks, President and Chief Executive Officer of the MPA—The Association of./ Read More
    By: Corinne Lynch, Director of Time Inc. Cover Wraps The most interesting conversations I have with media buying and./ Read More
    By: Guest Blog Post from Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D., Director, Magazine Innovation Center, The University of Mississippi I have./ Read More
    Hoxton/Tom Merton ADS IN MAGAZINES CAN BE JUST AS POWERFUL AS DIGITAL ADSMagazines have existed for 353 years and have./ Read More

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