What Is Digital Out Of Home Advertising? Trends And Examples

Understanding Digital Out of Home Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH, also called outdoor) signage is a form of advertising almost as old as the concept of marketing itself. Billboards on highways, signs on taxis, movie posters plastered on walls, displays inside office buildings—the formats are endless, and their placement in high-traffic locations ensures we notice them in passing, even if we don’t stop to read the entire message.

However, in today’s digital-first world, one would pause and question—how is something as traditional as OOH going to compete with the digital mediums of advertising?

The answer is by not competing against them, but by merging with them (as with print advertising and AR). It is the era of digital out-of-home advertising!

Digital OOH combines the appeal of visual media with location-specific messaging, making this form of advertising targeted, un-skippable, and interactive. With the infusion of data-driven tactics, programmatic buying, mobile retargeting, and snazzy tech upgrades, digital OOH presents a way for savvy consumers to interact with brands like never before. It also gives advertisers an above-the-fold communication platform that encourages interactivity, boosts brand recall and loyalty, and influences purchase decision-making.

This deck, Let’s get Out-Of-Home: Understanding Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising, takes you through what digital OOH is, why it works, and what’s in store for this form of advertising. Download it here.

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