Top Digital Media Trends For June 2018

Connected TV is transforming living-room viewing.

1. Two-thirds of Americans own at least a single connected device, and connected TV users spend 42 hours per month on devices like Roku, Amazon Fire and AppleTV.

2. Nearly 63% of connected TV device usage occurs in the living room, making living room viewing a more personalized, choice-driven experience that is opening the door to new opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers. Source: comScore, June 2018.

This is not a Drill—Addressable TV is finally happening!

3. Data-driven TV planning is finally coming to the forefront—94% of advertisers think TV will become more targetable within the next five years, while 84% believe it will become more automated.

4. In fact, 15 to 17% of advertisers in the U.S. already regularly include addressable or advanced TV buys in their media plans, while 20 to 30% of advertisers plan to start dipping their toes into advanced and addressable TV techniques this year. Source: AdExchanger, May 2018.

Messenger tiptoes its way into video advertising.

5. Facebook plans to slowly introduce video ads in Messenger, which has 1.3 billion monthly active users.
The ads will appear in the inbox section, where people see a list of their messages from friends and other contacts, and will automatically start rolling when a user scrolls over them. Source: AdAge, June 2018.

Is it TV? Is it YouTube? No, it’s IGTV!

6. Instagram is taking on TV and YouTube with a new property called IGTV, where videos can run up to an hour long. The videos run vertically, because that's the way most people hold their phones. IGTV is a standalone property, because longer videos are not something consumers typically want on the main app, where videos are limited to 60 seconds. Source: AdAge, June 2018.

Local strategies engage the impatient consumer.

7. Shoppers who define a purchase as something they put a lot of consideration into, spend an average of 13 days researching. These shoppers, when ready to make a purchase, want the item immediately—one-out-of-three expect items the same day.

8. Mobile searches for “near me” have grown over 3X in the past two years; almost 80% of shoppers will go in store when they have an item they want immediately.

9. Omnichannel local strategies—strategies that show what’s in stock at nearby stores—drive an 80% higher rate of incremental store visits. Moreover, when shoppers within five miles of a store click on a search ad, their store visit are 1.7X more likely to be incremental than shoppers who are beyond five miles. Source: Think with Google, May 2018.

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