The Mighty Strength Of Branded Content

Branded content is gracefully transparent sponsored content, which often matches the form and function of the site it appears on. This gives marketers an expansive canvas to elaborate brand stories and make true connections with consumers that elicit a response.

Engagement with branded content, meaning social media likes, retweets, favorites, and more, is up 52% in Q1 YOY. The heaviest hitter, Instagram, accounts for 1.9M actions per brand.

Engagement Rates Grow Faster than Brand Content

On Twitter, average posts per brand increased 16%, but average “actions per brand,” such as favorites and retweets, rose 32%.

Top 25 Brands- Sports, Media & Retailers

Out of 100,000 brands that were tracked, just 25 account for 12% of all consumer engagement with branded content. Top brands include sports and TV brands like MTV and NBA, and five clothing retailers including Victoria’s Secret and Aéropostale. While engagement has grown faster in these industries, other sectors like finance, consumer goods, and automotive all saw respectable 30%-71% increases.

Opportunities for Advertisers

  • Advertisers can improve engagement through videos, which account for 10% of overall engagement with brand content.
  • Relevant content is critical to high engagement, as it enhances the brand’s positioning and provides specific calls-to-action for customers that drive sales.