Study: How to Reach B2B Decision Makers with Targeted Ads

By Janine Pollack
Director, Integrated Marketing

You have an ad budget. You know you want to target a certain group, but you’re not sure where to start. Finding the best potential customer is usually about understanding his or her behavior. Behavioral targeting is a way to segment and reach audiences by actions like websites visited and past purchases. Ultimately, targeting helps create more personalized ad experiences, builds a better relationship with customers, and drives higher ROI.

We Can Do This All Day

Since we’re data geeks, we wanted to look at what type of media decision-makers prefer.  Not wanting to be rude and steal glances at people’s phones during commutes and at airports, we conducted a survey last summer in tandem with Harvey Research Group.  We sent surveys to thousands of executives, asking what their go-to sources are, for both business and pleasure.  Then, we took it one step further by asking when they went to these sources. 

Being Seen – Their Preferred Business Platforms

  • 94% Websites
  • 70% Social Media 
  • 64% Digital Video  
  • 56% Blogs
  • 54% Printed Magazines

24-Hour Clock

  • Radio (77%) is the platform used most in the Early Morning (6:00am-9:00am)
  • Websites (73%) in the Late Morning (9:00am-12:00pm) (73%) and Afternoon (12:00pm-6:00pm) (78%),
  • 93% check out television in the evenings (6:00pm-Midnight)
  • 24% go to social media (Midnight-6:00am), before they go to bed or start their workday.

All Day Information

Websites, Social Media, and Streaming Audio are used most consistently across day and night.

Please Do Not Disturb

Podcasts (33%), Social Media (32%), Printed Magazines (30%), and Television (29%) are the types of media respondents tend to use without interruption and are most immersed in when using.

It’s Complicated

Media is viewed positively in general. In fact, 94% agree with the statement, “Media helps me keep in touch with what’s going on in the world,” followed by 92% agreeing that “Media keeps me connected.” 

  • Only 18% agree that media has a negative impact on their lives.

Keep it Personal

Respondents appreciate useful and relevant advertising that appears in the media they use.

  • 80% Agree with the statement, “I will seek more information about an ad that I find interesting.”
  • 79% feel advertising helps them learn about new products.
  • 74% appreciate advertising relevant advertising that is relevant to them.


There is a time and place for everything: business and personal purchase decisions.

  • More than any other platform, websites (88%) influence business, and personal decisions and purchases.
  • Social Media (84%), Printed Magazines (70%), Blogs (68%) and Television (68%) all influence business and personal purchase decisions.
  • Websites (76%) influence business decisions and purchases the most, followed by Blogs (48%), and Printed Magazines (36%).
  • Social Media (76%) influences personal decisions and purchases the most, followed by Television (68%), Websites (59%), and printed Magazines (55%)

Who said what?  Make no mistake, the source matters.

The source of content (81%) is much more important

to respondents than the platform it appears on (18%).

Successful ad campaigns start here.