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Marketing To Millennial: Social Media Is The Source For Political News and Information

Ask me about the latest Snapchat features, and I would give you a 10-minute explanation about the new emoji rankings. Ask me about the latest political news, and I would have to do some research.

My source for hard hitting news? Facebook and Buzzfeed.

A Pew Research Center Study shows that my generation doesn’t follow national news as closely as older generations, like Baby boomers, who still rely heavily on local TV and news stations for political facts. When millennials tune in, we prefer news sources like Facebook and Buzzfeed, which present snippets of news in a concise format. I remember being clueless about the Israel-Gaza debacle of 2012, only to find a link my friend shared via Facebook called “9 Questions About Israel-Gaza You Were too Embarrassed to Ask.” I was, in fact, too embarrassed to ask about major current events when it seemed like everyone else was well-informed. I wanted to join the conversation, and it was comforting to see my friends sharing much needed information on social media.

Millennials will undoubtedly rely on Facebook and other social media platforms as the 2016 elections ramp up. We will be influenced by the information that is presented to us and respond to the information shared between us.  This two-way street will make for an interesting dialog this election season.


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