How To Optimize A Cross-screen Strategy For A Better Holiday Marketing Strategy


Tips for your Holiday Marketing Strategy

The heavy holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and consumers are waiting for ideas to spark their interest. It only takes one advertisement to grasp a consumer’s attention. Now is the time to hit holiday shoppers with ads on multiple devices—not only while they are at home, but in store as well.

Consumers want personalization, and they need it. In a time where they’re feeling the pressure of finding that perfect gift, and are under a great deal of stress, they appreciate any help that makes their path to purchase a gift easier. Personalization will be key this year, and how better to personalize their experience than to reach them on each of their devices?

Advertise Across Devices Often

Using a cross-screen strategy is imperative this holiday season. There are clear shifts in devices used throughout the holiday season—target your consumers through the proper means during these impactful months. Consumers tend to start most of their holiday research on their desktop, but turn to their mobiles on certain shopping days, like Black Friday. In the final days leading up to Christmas, consumers are scrambling in-stores looking for that last minute gift and rely on their mobiles for ideas. Running across multiple devices will help you reach consumers at all points, throughout the holiday shopping months.

Understand Online Shopping Trends

40% of all online purchases involve multiple devices, and 50% of consumers who make a purchase on a desktop or laptop research that purchase on a mobile device first. During the crucial holiday shopping months, November and December, 47.5% of all website traffic is conducted on a desktop, and 40.5% of traffic comes from mobile phones. There is not one clear medium that consumers stick to during the holidays, so reaching them from every angle will have the greatest impact.

Who are Christmas Shoppers?

Female shoppers are 4x more likely than men to use multiple devices during the Christmas season. Millennials are also dominating online holiday shopping—67% of them plan on doing all, or more than half, of their holiday shopping online this season. Using cross-device targeting to reach these connected Millennial shoppers is imperative.

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