How Buyer Data Enables Intent Marketing And Purchasing Targeting

Data, data, and more data. In today’s media landscape, marketers are gobbling up any data they can get their hands on. What’s key is knowing how to use that data to make smart messaging and targeting decisions. Evolution in the retail space, including the rise of online research, online shopping, and trackable purchase data, has paved the way for marketers to get this data and learn the best methods to influence consumer intent and motivate a purchase.



Today’s shoppers are doing the majority of their research online. Before a consumer makes a purchase, they spend time researching products on brand websites, searching for coupons, reading recommendations, and interacting with peers and influencers on social media. 89% of consumers said they research products before making a purchase, and almost 80% said they research primarily on digital devices. As consumers research and shop, they seek personalization. In fact, 57% of internet users ages 18-24 are looking for brands to send them personalized ads, relevant to their interests. That means one factor of a successful marketing strategy should include personalized messaging. In order to make a message tailored to consumers, that data collected from consumers’ online researching comes in handy.



Because shoppers research and buy online, marketers have access to new data sets that were previously unavailable. This data can be used to engage the new shopper, when and where they shop, moving consumers down the purchase funnel. 78% of marketers believe in the value of using advanced data and analytics to better understand, reach, and personalize messaging to consumers.



There are a variety of different tactics available to gather data and use it to influence a purchase. We can target individuals based on intent, motivating them to buy, using a combination of purchase data and online behavioral data.



Shopper audience targeting is the ability to target someone based on their past purchase data and online behavioral data, to inform who they are and what they might buy next.
You can learn:

  • What someone is in the market for
  • What brands they are loyal to
  • When they shop
  • Life milestones



Brands can incentivize consumers to purchase. For marketers who seek to collect additional purchase data, shopper rewards allow them to provide consumers with purchase incentives in exchange for valuable data collection.

Download our Intent and Purchase Targeting deck here to learn more about the space and our solutions.



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