There are new digital trends to be aware of every month. We've comprised a list of 9 that you should take note of.
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9 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know This Month


1. The MNI Ad Network is the #1 Local Ad Focus Network and #3 Ad Focus Network. It reaches 93.5% of the total digital population, or 241,099,000 unique visitors last month. Source: comScore, May 2016

2. Magazines offer the highest average return on advertising spend (ROAS), with a return of $3.94 on every dollar spent. Source: min, June 2016

3. The last five years have seen cable losing 6.7 million subscribers, with more than a quarter of Millennials (70% of whom use streaming services) reporting having never subscribed to cable. Those who still pay for cable television are viewing less of it—in 2015 alone, television viewing time was down by 3%, with 50% of the drop directly attributable to Netflix. Source: New York Times Magazine, June 2016.

4. By 2017, the increased availability of user-generated and other media content, combined with younger demographics watching less TV, will result in total television usage accounting for less than half of all U.S. media consumption (49.8%, or 32.8 hours per week) for the first time since 1953. Source: MediaPost, 2016.

5. Addressable TV advertising, where marketers pinpoint their target audiences and work with cable operators to improve targeted TV advertising that serves commercials to only those households that fit their target, will surge 119.4% in the U.S. in 2016. Source: AdAge, June 2016.

6. Mobile advertising is growing, fast. The time devoted by the global audience to using mobile internet will increase by 27.7% this year, resulting in a 1.4% increase in overall media consumption. The consumption of all other media—including desktop internet—will decline by 3.4% in total. Source: Performics, June 2016.

7. It is forecast that people across the world will spend, on an average, 86 minutes a day using mobile internet, compared to 36 minutes using desktop internet—this translates to 71% of internet consumption via mobile. Source: Performics, June 2016.

8. Desktop and laptop computers are far more popular for ad-blocking than smartphones. In 2016, 23.8% of U.S. internet users will have installed a blocker on a desktop or laptop, while only 7.8% of these users will have one installed on a smartphone. Source: AdAge, June 2016.

9. Digital video advertising will be the fastest growing ad format in 2016, driven by the increase in video consumption on mobile devices. Global online video ad spend totaled US$10.9B in 2014, and is forecast to grow at an average of 29% a year to reach US$23.3B in 2017. Source: Digital & Media Predictions 2016 – Marketing, Technology and the Evolving media Mix – Millward Brown

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