CBD Pet Product Advertising: Challenges, Misconceptions & Tips

I’ve always been a dog person. Many, including myself, are better at taking care of their pet than themselves. One of my rescues found Halloween lawn adornments particularly stressful. Another, despite being named Thor after the god of thunder, can’t hide fast enough during rainstorms. To manage their stress, aches and pains, I prefer the natural approach which includes playing hide-and-seek around the house and administrating the occasional CBD-based product. A market estimated to grow to $1.16 billion by 2022 has a lot to offer. Knowing what to choose can be intimidating. Before shopping it’s best to do some research and consult with your dog’s vet. Below is some basic cannabis terminology to get the conversation going:  


Basic Cannabis Terminology.


Also known as industrial hemp, the non-intoxicating version of cannabis sativa. Generally viewed as a superfood and great for adding nutritional value to diets. Fibers in this plant are used to make hemp cord and paper, among other products.

CBD Pet Graphic


Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound that induces the “high” cannabis is known for and not recommended for pets.


Varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant that have been selectively bred to produce high levels of THC. This is the source of recreational and medical cannabis products.


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is the component of the cannabis plant that comes with anti-inflammatory benefits. Found in everything from skincare and animal wellness products to herbal tinctures. Safe, non-addictive substance.

Source: Cannabis-Navigating Messaging

CBD Product Types for Pets

There are three basic types of hemp extract to choose from for pets:

  • Full spectrum extracts contain all phytochemicals found in the plant and even small traces of TCH. This won’t exactly get your “dog” high but this extract offers a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes working together. Brands like YupPup, for example, use broad-spectrum hemp-based formulation that contains more than just CBD.  
  • Broad spectrum products are similar to full-spectrum products with one notable distinction: the THC is completely removed which is very toxic to dogs.
  • CBD Isolate product line represents the purest possible concentration of CBDs.

There is not a lot of research to date on CBD’s impact on pets, according to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, so play it safe. Touch base with your vet to discuss what you’re thinking.

berkay-gumustekin-ngqyo2AYYnE-unsplashNot All CBD Pet Products are Created Equally

The Royal Veterinary College in London requires students to spend weeks with livestock throughout the country to understand how everything animals ingest can impact their care and ultimately effect the food sourced from their farms.  “It’s an important lesson in the relationship business has with nature,” comments Zachary Pollack. When shopping for pets, including CBD products, source matters.

The Importance of CBD Education for Brands and Advertisers

The cannabis business is fueling a boom in opportunity. According to MRI Simmons, 1 in 5 adults consume cannabis, and this steady growth is driving consumption across categories. Yet, access and awareness are complicated. Every state has its own requirements on what can be sold and to whom. While some consumers are all in, others are hesitant. The need for communication is real across the spectrum.

Walt Rampata, Co-Founder, President of Mindbuzz shares that education is at the core of all they do to drive awareness and confidence.

5 Misconceptions About Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

1. You don’t need marketing. The product sells itself.

2. Rules and regulations make it impossible to reach consumers through marketing

3. With the right marketing “hacks,” you can get major returns for little to no investment

4. All products and ingredients are equivalent.

5. Business is booming. Everyone in the industry is profitable.

Source: https://mindbuzz.com/blog/5-cannabis-marketing-misconceptions/

Cannabx LockupGetting the Word Out Through Programmatic Exchanges

The number of states legalizing marijuana is expanding. Compliance to what can be advertised, where, and to whom is a complicated undertaking. Ultimately, it’s incumbent on brands to comply. There are resources available including programmatic exchanges such as MNI Targeted Media’s Cannabx which provides targeting techniques for marketers across all sectors of the marijuana industry.

The cannabis industry at its core is an entrepreneurial landscape. Succeeding takes focus and time. By employing a coordinated strategy where everyone commits to knowing more the best results will be realized for all.

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