Agriculture Marketing & Business Growth Analysis

How Agriculture Business is Growing through Marketing

Reaching professionals in the agriculture business can pose an interesting challenge. Trying to understand the incredible complexities of their profession is even more arduous. While it’s an industry that tends to fly under the radar, agriculture finds itself on the verge of explosive growth, making right now the perfect time to gain a better understanding of its enormous potential.


World Agricultural Production Statistics

Agriculture as a whole is a $7.8 trillion enterprise that encompasses 10% of all global GDP. The United States, who proudly holds the world’s top spot in the industry, is expected to boast a 2.1% annual increase in growth in 2017.


Business Opportunities in Agriculture Sector through Advancements in Science

As the industry continues to expand, a smarter process is needed to meet the increased demand. Enter specialty seeds. As biologists continue to perfect this science, agriculture is expected to increase the value of specialty seeds from $700MM in 2016 to $9.8B by 2021.


New Technology in Agriculture & The Future of Digital Farming

Smart, digital farming is going to reshape the agriculture industry. With new technology being developed for agriculture—the ability to digitally water, feed, and monitor crops—the agriculture industry will be capable of producing more food with less waste. As these advancements become more commonplace across the country, farmers will find themselves better equipped to keep up with the ever-multiplying need for fresh produce.


Innovative Business Ideas in Agriculture Assisting Farmers meet Demand

We took a deep dive into agriculture trends and created the Agriculture Industry Growth Factbook, to provide information and insights about the current and future potential of this fast-growing industry.