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3 Ways To Master Sustainable Advertising

Being ‘green’ is the priority to many businesses, brands and consumers. Learn 3 ways you can master the art of sustainable advertising.>


By Bridget Moran

Sales Coordinator

With the growing concern about our environment, businesses are shifting to a more sustainable approach, including the ways they advertise.

Sustainable advertising does not have to be complicated. There are plenty of simple ways companies can be environmentally conscious when it comes to marketing. In 2020 a sustainable approach not only matters to consumers, but it sells

Sustainable DOOH Advertising

Advertising with a digital screen does not mean it has to have a significant impact on the environment. Believe it or not, digital out of home advertising can be greener than you think. 


Billboards work. They gain high traffic, build awareness and can now be eco-friendly. Advertisers can use solar energy to power their marketing messages across billboards. Not only is this method sustainable, but it is also cost-effective. Solar energy can cost as little as $.30, being effective for both the environment and budget. 

Ads can also be displayed on E-Paper. E-Paper uses reflected light to show a message on a digital screen that can be easily updated in real time. E-Paper displays are a durable choice when it comes to digital out of home advertising and requires minimal maintenance. It can display the ad no matter the season or weather condition and is even 36 times more energy-efficient than a standard LCD screen display. E-Paper displays are a reliable and sustainable choice when it comes to DOOH. 

The ways we advertise do not necessarily have to change, but if we choose the right products with sustainability in mind, marketing can be more impactful than ever. 

Partner with Environmental Initiatives

Consumers favor businesses that are making changes to protect the environment. Partnering with an environmental initiative is a simple way that can have a big impact when it comes to brand image and corporate responsibility. Read more on the exciting environmental initiatives brands are taking this year. 

Embrace long term social responsibility. While it could be easy to lean into CSR exclusively for marketing purposes, make it a goal to prioritize these responsibilities in all aspects of your business. Consumers notice them and it is a win for everyone involved, including the environment.    

Be Transparent About Your Green Advertising Efforts

Sustainability isn’t something businesses can shy away from addressing. Be vocal. Providing your company’s perspective and approach to environmentalism can set your business’ narrative. Consumers actively look for this information. Whether this messaging is on the product itself, featured in your ads, or displayed on the website, use it as an opportunity to get creative on how you can connect the environment to your brand.

It is most important to remain transparent about the extent of your sustainability. When a consumer decides where to spend their money, they are seeking a trustworthy and reliable brand. Be consistent and honest with your consumer, especially when it comes to sustainability. Customers will appreciate a company’s transparency more than if you hid your carbon footprint. 


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