Successful Marketing Trends For Reaching Millennial Moms


Approximately one in five moms is a Millennial Mom, accounting for nearly nine million people in the U.S.  At our Stamford HQ alone, we have eight millennial moms (or dads) who will have a baby in 2016! What’s more, millennial parents are wielding a staggering $200 billion in spending power. The statistics speak volumes, so marketers have a lot to lose by not reaching this emerging consumer demographic powerhouse.

Why Cover Wrap Advertising?


We can’t help but notice, especially now, how effectively our public place cover wrap product reaches millennial moms.

- Moms will take their babies to roughly 12 check-ups in the first two years. Add in sick visits, and you’re probably close to 20+ visits.

Beech-Nut Baby Food is reaching Millennial Moms at the right place and at the right time—where else, but at the pediatrician’s office! Their cover wrap is running on PEOPLE magazine through June, promoting their 100% natural, real food products, demonstrating a solid grasp of this demographic’s shopping habits.

- Expectant moms will visit their OBGYN’s office approximately 12 times during their pregnancy


Shutterfly is reaching Millennial Moms through targeted ads at the OBGYN office through May.  We know all too well that the wait can be long at some prenatal visits, so this is the perfect opportunity to influence moms and speak to their purchasing habits! The cover wrap is also running on People magazine, depicting its stylish stationery, keepsakes and nursery décor.

Florida Pre-Paid College and Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcoholism (MOFAS) reached this thriving mom segment in 2013 and 2014, respectively by using Geo-targeted ads in OBGYN offices, and MNI received positive feedback and survey results.

- As a result of the Florida Pre-Paid College program, close to one-third of the responding physicians indicated that their patients mentioned the cover wraps. Also, 43.5% of the doctors indicated that their patients were asking questions about Florida Prepaid College plans.

- As a result of the MOFAS program, the physicians noticed an increase in dialogue about abstaining from alcohol while pregnant, and also about FASD.

Mobile Advertising for Millennial Moms

Mobile advertising no doubt comes to mind where millennials are involved. Millennial Moms represent a new, tech-savvy and consumer-aware generation, who has a great deal of influence and concern over what products they buy for themselves and their families.

- Millennials, moms included, spend about 14% more time on their mobile devices in an average week than other generations. Nearly 75% of millennial moms say they are often sought out by friends for recommendations, and in an average month, a Millennial Mom will recommend products or services online 10.4 times.

MNI has had countless successes targeting Millennial Moms through our digital ad network which includes mobile ads. A recent campaign for a local zoo greatly increased awareness of children’s summer camps at the zoo. The campaign engaged with 2.25% of their target market, well above the industry standard.

If Millennial Moms are part of your targeted audience, make sure your message goes where she does with an effective and engaging marketing campaign, online or offline.