The Battle For Buyers Goes Mobile

My mobile phone has evolved from being just a vehicle for entertainment at my fingertips. It’s a necessity that helps me accomplish my day-to-day tasks, in my business and personal lives. So I’m not surprised that while internet use via desktop is still significant, mobile device consumption has increased rapidly over the past several years.

How much so?

68% check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.

30% feel “anxious” when they don’t have their phone on them.

• We check our phones 150 times a day.

What’s the best way to reach a mobile audience?

People download apps all the time, but many of the apps are never used. The mobile browsing audience is twice as big as the app audience—and growing. In fact, only 12 of the top 50 mobile properties see more traffic coming from apps over browser. One reason is because smartphone memory constraints make consumers highly selective about apps they download. Personally, I access the vast majority of the websites I visit through web searches, not their apps.

The mobile web is an excellent way for viewers to discover new brands. A mobile site is perfect for reaching consumers who search on the fly or who are looking for a specific product, which is why many brands are seeing traffic coming from mobile web. While apps are good tools to reach an engaged audience, mobile marketing is necessary for new customer acquisition, as many users, like me, aren’t willing to go the extra mile and download an app.


Which audience dominates the mobile space?

Are you sitting down? Millennials are the most digitally-connected generation.

One-in-five millennials no longer uses a desktop computer to go online—they rely exclusively on their smartphones and tablets. 87% of millennials always have their smartphone at their side, day and night, using it more than two hours every day. While this is not new or shocking information, there is still tremendous opportunity for mobile targeting tospecific audiences right on their trusted and indispensible mobile devices.

Smartphones are integrating into practically every aspect of our lives, for both business and personal use. And our reliance on them—and affection for them—is showing no signs of slowing. They’re giving us new, more efficient ways to do things and opening doors to new ideas and opportunities for new business.

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