Our Super Power: Omnipoint

Allow me to paint you a picture: You’re a media planner and buyer, you have eight plans to turn around this week, and they all deserve special attention and strategy. That means mining through countless syndicated research tools and crosschecking your findings with your campaign track record before you even send an RFP. It’s approaching 6:00 PM and there is still more to be done. You go to get your fourth cup of coffee.


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Exhausting, right? This isn’t the case at MNI, because we have our own secret sauce, a power tool, a game changer, and we call it Omnipoint. Now, you might think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves when we claim it has super human marketing intelligence, the ability to time travel, be omni-lingual, or omniscient, but in its own way, it does. It all hinges on leveraging the power of data, managed by a talented, highly analytical team.

Super Human Intelligence

Using big data analytics, Omnipoint aggregates, analyzes, and refines research from 25+ data feeds to fuel research reports across 210+ DMAs in our top categories. It provides highly-coveted third-party metrics to inform our research and insights and media planning and buying teams, such as demographics, effective buying income, expenditure data, investments, market penetration, PRIZM segments, and media consumption. We’re able to pull this information quickly from Omnipoint, meaning we spend more time devoted to our client’s campaign strategy.

Time Travel

Omnipoint collects 10 years (and growing) of historical first-party data, allowing us to look back on any campaign in any category across the country, to inform future campaigns. When layered with third-party data, it helps us quickly identify a target audience from a reach and scale perspective.


Once Omnipoint collects the data we need (at the push of a button, of course), a media plan is set into action. Omnipoint can speak with any vendor to expedite the RFP process, which translates to a time saving for our clients. Combine this with the advanced data we’ve already collected, and an efficient, optimized plan is created, right out of the gate.


Once a plan is in motion, Omnipoint monitors the campaign and makes optimizations to ensure that it’s running at peak efficiency. It knows everything, and what it doesn’t know, it learns, feeding its insights back into our historical knowledge portal for future insights.

Why Omnipoint?

‘Big data’ is one of the newest buzzwords in our industry, and for good reason. Big-data industry leaders have noticed improvements to their campaigns as a direct result of big data analytics. They’ve changed targeting strategies, extended or repeated a campaign, altered a campaign, or even shifted budgets. Currently, over half of marketers say using big data analytics is a top priority for them, and 71% plan to increase their reliance on it for decision making in the future.

We built Omnipoint over five years ago, with help from a forward looking research and insights team, and the powerful support of Time Inc. IT. We anticipated that data was going to be a fundamental piece of our digital success—and our clients’ success—and we jumped in before the water warmed up.

But, we also know “Data is less than worthless by itself; we need analytical talents to pull actionable insights from it in order to drive strategy” (thanks Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital). This is why we have a comScore Certified Team dedicated to making sense of the data and building thoughtful strategy for each plan that comes across our plates.

Now, we’re not claiming that Omnipoint can stop a subway with one hand (it doesn’t even have hands). And it won’t freeze you in your tracks with a quick, icy glare. But it does have super-human speed. It’s our super hero and it saves the day for us and our clients, time and time again.

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