Invest In What Works

Marketers are constantly searching for the most impactful and efficient ways to reach our audiences.

And there are so many ways to connect with people—inside, outside, on the side of the road—that we need to stay focused on what works.

Aligning messaging with our audience’s passion points has always been the key to driving engagement and connecting with consumers in meaningful ways. And the medium that has been—and continues to be—great at reaching niche audiences? Magazines.

For direct, 1:1 communication, nothing beats the medium that delivers messaging directly into the hands of target audiences.

Consumers want information that’s valuable to them, which is where magazines excel. Magazines are hand-selected by readers, who trust the content inside, including the ads. That’s why magazines deliver the highest ROI. Did you know that print magazines are #1 in reaching affluent, influential consumers in more categories than all other media combined?

At MNI, we know that different people have different passions, so we keep on growing our portfolio. In fact, with the recent addition of several new titles, we now boast access to 73% of all major consumer magazines. Our fourteen lifestyle-aligned magazine packages are audience, contextually, and geographically targeted at the DMA level and smaller, in markets across the U.S.

We partner with a total of 55 magazines, with opportunities to advertise both inside the magazine and/or on a full cover wrap, across nine different publishers. With so many titles, the possibilities are endless. Our newest magazine offering includes:

• MNI Home, featuring our new addition Better Homes & Gardens, is designed to target consumers passion points at home, in the kitchen, and in the garden, among other topics including crafts, healthy living, decorating, and entertaining.

• MNI Modern Family, featuring our new addition Parents, is designed to reach household decision makers with purchasing power interested in learning about childcare, home keeping, fashion, cooking, and emotional well-being.

• MNI Hispanic Family, featuring our new addition Parents Latina, is designed to connect with a diverse audience interested in raising their family, having fun, and more, in-language.

The consumer’s experiences with brands and categories are intense and defining. Brands should strive to make their audience’s lives easier by meeting them at touchpoints throughout their day—and their path-to-purchase, by creating high-quality experiences that pull them in. For example, if you’re selling a baby product, it may be best to promote it with an ad in the pages of Parents magazine, while simultaneously deploying a coupon to your target’s cell phone. No one medium stands alone.

Gathering the right data to create holistic, integrated marketing campaigns will do best, and those that use magazines will do even better.