Pinterest Says Hello to Buyable Pins

Pinterest lovers, rejoice! The “Buy It” button is finally here! No longer will that beautiful blue lace dress you pinned at 4:27 a.m. be out of reach because the original link is nowhere to be found.  Big brand partners including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom as well as small to medium sized businesses will be able to sell products within Pinterest. Simply tap on the pin to view the price, color options and product description. Press the bright blue “Buy it” button next to the “Pin It” button when you’re ready to make the purchase.

The “buy it” button is natural and exciting move for avid Pinterest users, who have been requesting this feature for a long time. With the click of a button (and a credit card), we have the ability to turn inspiration boards into reality. Lusting will be a thing of the past, as the look that we have been trying to achieve, from personal style to kitchen décor, is easily obtainable.

My hope is that more small to medium businesses will utilize this new tool. I often visit the scrapbooking website to discover unique brands that my friends have not seen before. Since Pinterest announced that it will not be taking a cut from customers and merchants, I have high hopes that businesses of all sizes will take advantage of the promotion tool.

All wallets will be on Pinterest as customers and retailers try out this new feature. One thing’s for sure, Pinterest is listening to its users. This mentality could mean huge staying power and growth for the e-business.

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