The Five Best Print Ad Campaigns of 2019

By Faith Ricciardi

Sales Development Associate

Print media is an essential part of any successful campaign, as it provides unique marketing opportunities, unlike anything we see in the digital space. Consumers value print media, and trust print ads 34% more than search engine ads when making purchasing decisions.

From increasing ROI and reaching multiple generations to establishing trust and client relationships, marketers can utilize this medium to increase their clients’ revenue and ensure success.  Read on for our five picks for the best print advertising campaigns of 2019 because these innovative and visually inspiring print campaigns show us exactly how it’s done.

1.    Coca-Cola: Try Not to Hear This


Coca-Cola is no stranger to innovative branding campaigns. Some of the best print advertisements come from this world-renowned brand. Marketers used a series of three photographs to leverage a sensory experience without the actual sensory. By using their most iconic product, Coca-Cola engages consumers by stimulating the brain into automatically associating an image with a specific sound. Their branding technique is so on point here; consumers are essentially able to hear the ad.

2.    Walt Disney World


You don’t have to market your product to be successful. Some of the best print advertising campaigns we saw in 2019 highlight emotions and values that resonate with their audience. Instead of highlighting the classic Disney icons, Disney World created an emotional experience for parents that inspires the true Disney magic.

The reality of a Disney World experience was brought to life by Disney photographer Catie    McCabe and in-house Disney ad agency Yellow Shoes, which highlights the moment of reflection for parents, knowing their kids lived out their dreams and felt every ounce of joy and excitement.

3.    Volkswagen: Drive Bigger


As a part of their rebranding strategy, Volkswagen released its ‘Drive Bigger’ campaign that focuses on something bigger than ourselves – mother earth and humankind. By leveraging a print ad to celebrate the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon, VW is reinventing its brand around responsibility, innovation, and how the world’s largest automaker can set an example that benefits the common good. This campaign represents VW’s future electric fleet and the goal of becoming carbon neutral globally by 2050.

4.    Jimmy Dean: 50th Anniversary: Peace, Music, and Sausage

Jimmy Dean

Aligning your brand with iconic moments in history can create a sense of loyalty and dedication in the eyes of consumers. To celebrate 50 years of success, the Jimmy Dean brand recreated images of America’s historical moments that were also celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Ogilvy partnered with world-renowned photographer, Sandro to create the iconic stage of Woodstock with a special twist…people eating Jimmy Dean sausage. This ad was featured in Time and Rolling Stones, with the branding goal of reminding America that 1969 changed music and breakfast forever.

5.    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: I’m Back


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s latest campaign has made a huge splash among consumers. As they reintroduce their fried chicken sandwich to the public, Popeyes strategically utilizes comparative advertising to communicate the value of their product against Chick-fil-A’s famous fried chicken sandwich.

Marketers quickly capitalized on the fact that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. Print ads were utilized in the New York Times, New Orleans Advocate, and Chick-fil-A’s hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The ad takes a bold shot at its competitor, with a copy that reads, “Y’all…The Sandwich is back this Sunday. Yes. Sunday.” Before the sandwich’s debut, Popeyes’ U.S. same-store sales rose 2.9 percent in the second quarter, and 10.2 percent in the third quarter after the campaign was launched.  

What Makes for The Best Print Ads?

The most effective print ad campaigns utilize both creativity and innovation to connect with consumers on a personal level and create key touchpoints and lasting impressions in ways that digital can’t. Print advertising proves to be a key component in any successful media strategy and is a vital investment for your brand in 2020.