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With so much of our business being targeted digital advertising, it’s easy to overlook our print heritage. MNI pioneered placing local ads in prestigious national magazines—even back in the early 80s we knew it was all about geo-targeting and top-tier publishing partners.

Today, we specialize in digital marketing—mobile, programmatic media, influencer, social—we’re at the forefront of emerging targeting technologies. But magazines are our foundation, and we have continued to innovate print advertising, from creating the first magazine ad with a Post it® Note attached, to the use of audio and video ads, built right into those glossy pages. Even virtual reality technology, the darling of this week’s SXSW, has already found its place in magazine ads.

Consider these eye-catching stats:

• 75% of adults in the U.S. have read at least one magazine in the past month.

• 50% of adults look forward to learning new information and insights from the

advertisements within magazines.

We are always evolving our lineup of top-tier magazines, made up of the most popular and trusted titles in the country. Our three newest additions—Martha Stewart Living, Allrecipes, and EatingWell—complement our lifestyle-aligned magazine packages and extend reach, engagement, and brand recall.

The name Martha Stewart is synonymous with beauty and elegance, and Martha Stewart Living is the award-winning magazine that reflects the brand’s upscale yet accessible aesthetic. Readers are affluent and influential spenders who look forward to the beautiful and practical ideas found in Martha Steward Living to make their homes reflections of their sophisticated personal style.

• Readers are extremely knowledgeable about interior decorating, and their peers

frequently turn to them for information, recommendations, and advice.

EatingWell is ‘Where good taste meets good health.’ The magazine features healthy recipes, challenges, and trends that have kept health-conscious consumers engaged and interested for more than 20 years. Readers are active, and influential for nutrition and exercise, and they spend big on health and beauty aids.

• EatingWell readers are more likely than the average adult to go to the grocery store

multiple times a week.

Created from the best features on—the world’s largest online community of cooks—

Allrecipes magazine is full of information, advice, recipes, and reviews to help cooks of all abilities take their kitchen game to the next level. Allrecipes’ readers are the primary grocery shopper for the home, and they enjoy experimenting with new gadgets and ingredients.

• Allrecipes readers are 2.5x more likely to be an influential for cooking and new food items.

• Allrecipes readers are 2.5x more likely to be an influential for cooking and new food items.

Marketers are constantly inundated with information about the latest-and-greatest digital target marketing technologies, and for good reason. The industry is exploding with new solutions to reach consumers, on their desktops and laptops, and on their mobile devices.

It’s key to remember that magazines have endured every shiny new targeting technology that was forecast to spell their doom. In an always on, constantly connected world, consumers turn to magazines to help them unplug and unwind. They rely on their favorite titles to bring them a little comfort and quiet, and they trust the content inside, including the ads. There’s an affinity for print, and print advertisements, that digital ads will never be able to capture. And with ever-evolving on-page technologies, from custom die cuts to augmented reality, magazines will continue to be the go-to source for savvy advertisers who want to reach a truly engaged and responsive audience.

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