Local Magazine Advertising: Why Print Belongs In Your Media Mix

I’m on my phone all day, every day. Like 80% of my Millennial counterparts, my phone is the first thing I look at when I wake up, and the last thing I look at before I go to bed1. When I get to work, I’m primarily on my desktop. And when I get home, I rarely have the luxury of powering down for a brief digital detox—I’m in front of the TV with either my tablet or my phone, while simultaneously asking questions to my always-listening Alexa. Like many Americans, I spend an average of three hours and fifteen minutes on my phone a day1, toggling between my personal and professional lives.

I don’t consider time that I’m plugged in to be “me time”. If I’m plugged in, I’m on, meaning there’s always something to engage with, respond to, learn, or do. All synapses are firing and I’m always one, two, or three steps ahead. I want to unplug, as do many consumers, which is why the science of always-on technology and how it impacts human behavior is increasing in popularity.

Enter magazines. When I finally do have a moment for myself, my friend the magazine is who I (and many other consumers) choose to engage with. Magazines are an inspirational and aspirational medium for consumers when they finally relax, kick up their feet, and unplug. They allow advertisers to tap into a different, receptive, frame of mind, helping yield positive associations with the advertised product or service.



1. Magazines are both easier to understand and more memorable than digital media. A study by CanadaPost and TrueImpact showed that paper-based media required 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media.2

2. Magazines garner higher recall than digital media. The same study found that, when asked to cite the brand of an advertisement they had just seen, recall was 70% higher among participants who were exposed to a physical piece (75%) vs. a digital ad (44%).2

3. Magazine media total audiences grew across platforms in 2015, to 1.75B —an increase of 6.2%.3

4. Magazines leave a deeper emotional footprint in the brain. A study by Millward Brown found engaging with a physical piece of paper improves recognition and recall. Physical material—paper—is more “real” to the brain, and engages its spatial memory networks.4

5. Magazines show the highest return on advertising spend—the ultimate KPI. A study by Nielsen Catalina, found that magazines yield $3.94 for every dollar spent. The next highest medium was digital display, at $2.63.5

But even with all these salient points, if you’re an advertiser with a regional or local focus, you may think your

only option for magazine advertising is in regional city business journals or local publications. These publications often have snooze-worthy content, poor production quality, or have transient reading in local airports, doctor’s offices, malls, and hotels, rather than dedicated local readers within the community. Say no more, I know this is not an advertiser’s dream.


MNI sells geo-targeted, local magazine advertising, both inside the book and on the cover of prestigious national titles, in local markets. Forget everything you thought you knew about what magazines could do—we make it possible to target your precise audience, in niche local markets, the same way you can target with digital.

Our magazine networks are different by design, offering the ability to target and engage your audience in the pages of their favorite glossies, in 200+ DMAs, across 13 lifestyle-aligned networks, reaching precisely the right consumer, in the right market. Readers agree that the trusted editorial environment has a positive influence on the credibility of magazines—the halo effect—and it extends to advertisers. More than 60% of readers agree that the credibility of a national magazine such as Fortune or Time is transferred to the advertiser6. Furthermore, local ads in a national publication garner higher recall—71% of readers agree that they are more likely to recall a local ad in a national publication.6

Our Cover Wraps deliver attention-grabbing, multi-page ads, wrapped around the most popular national titles. These can be delivered directly to individual people or places, to make sure you get your message directly into the homes and businesses of the consumers who matter most to your bottom line.

Readers really love their magazines. They take the time to pour over them, front to back—and back to front—and appreciate the escape from their plugged-in lives. Learn more about our effective magazine advertising that helps you reach exactly the right audience you need to reach, across the street or across the country.