Hurray For Print

Yay, Print!

One of the many perks of working at a media planning and buying company is that we get to see the most cutting-edge targeting marketing technologies and ad executions. From next-level geo-targeted advertising to innovative magazine advertising creative, we’re always looking for new ways to connect our clients with their precise audiences.

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The Magic Touch

Enter the November 2015 issue of Marie Claire, one of our 35+ top-tier magazine partners. Right away, the cover is something else. It’s lilac, designed to look like a clutch, with this most amazing textured varnish that makes it look and feel like cobbled leather. Open the ‘clutch’ (a die-cut gate fold combined with a c-gate), to reveal the actual Marie Claire cover, and also a scrumptious Lancôme ad. This gorgeous cover and clever execution take engagement and interactivity to the next level. Of course, we couldn’t help but share it with everyone in the office, who was duly impressed with the impactful creative, and the enduring power of print. We discussed options using similar creative, where you open a car door to reveal a lush interior, or a pantry cabinet to reveal some CPG staples.

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But Wait, There’s More

Drawn in by the cover, we flipped through the pages. Imagine our delight to find this beautiful and ethereal Thierry Mugler ad for their Alien perfume. Then, we noticed something amazing. There’s a sample of the perfume attached to the page. But this is no ordinary peel-up-the-fold-and-rub-the-page-on-your-wrist kind of sample. Pull the tab, and the creative becomes an actual perfume atomizer, that you can remove from the page and spray several times. Throw it in your desk, bag, glove compartment, or locker, and this is on-page creative that’s hard to miss, and even harder to forget. Again, we paraded the creative around the office, showing off the extensive possibilities that marketers can only get with magazines. How about a pop up, removable map featuring travel destinations, or a 3D ATM to highlight new bank locations?

So there you have it—one magazine showcasing two engaging, innovative, and memorable creative executions. Hands on proof that print is a powerful tool to reach, engage, and influence precise audiences. Just another day at the office.

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