Fortune: A Record-breaking List and a Record-breaking Brand


Pick up the new Fortune 500 as soon as you get a chance. You’ll notice that it’s hefty, tipping the scales at 392 pages. In addition to its standard high caliber editorial, it’s also brimming with 40% growth in new print advertisers and 25% growth in new digital ads.

Advertisers are drawn to the Fortune brand for its proven track record of authoritative business coverage—in addition to its eponymous list, this issue also includes an in-depth profile of Wal-Mart, the company in the #1 spot, and its CEO, as well as a comprehensive industry insights from Fortune 500 CEOs. But marketers also recognize the forward-looking innovation of the interactive Fortune 500 online, catalyst for record-breaking digital growth, including an all-time high number of visitors in March, an astounding 16.7 million.

By consistently evolving to produce exactly what their audience

needs, Fortune and the Fortune 500 are a prime example of how brands can thrive online and offline. Catering to consumers’ habits of multi-platform media consumption is a strategy that is working, and working well.

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