Cover Wraps: Make A Bright Point with DayGlo Inks

By Eric Riznyk, Joanne Donato, and Tatiana Morales

Print Production Team

Surprising no one, the Print Production Team has always loved DayGlo inks. Those are the bright fluorescent colors that always catch your eye and have been used in advertising since the 1950s. These classic-yet-modern inks are perfect for magazine Cover Wrap campaigns because of their uniqueness and impossible-to-ignore pigment.  What’s a better first impression than an advertising piece that practically glows off a table?

Fluorescent Inks

The science part: The human eye is limited to only seeing colors within the visible light range.  We can perceive fluorescent colors due to a process on the molecular level.  When the ink molecules absorb invisible UV light energy, they become excited and move to a higher energy state.  The ink converts this UV light into a color that we can see.  It’s during this transition to the higher energy state that our eyes perceive the bright, bold fluorescent color.

Advertising and DayGlo Inks

We’re often asked for suggestions of something uniquely eye-catching, and DayGlo inks are the very definition of eye-catching! In a magazine-filled waiting room or in a stack of mail, a DayGlo magazine Cover Wrap will stand out among the rest. It will entice the reader to pick up the wrap and explore its pages.

The two ways we’ve seen DayGlo being utilized successfully in advertising is first to immediately grab the reader’s attention with a large flood of DayGlo color, and second is to create an emphasis in specific areas or on specific words.  Strategic placement on the front cover is one method to prompt the reader to pick up the magazine, and once inside, the DayGlo can be used to direct the reader’s focus to items of importance. Some examples of this could be a call to action, a logo, quotes, graphs, and so much more!

DayGLo Interior 2

Fan Favorite: DayGlo Inks For Cover Wraps

Each of us here on the print production team has their own reason why we prefer this type of Cover Wrap. Color has always been a tool for expression and symbolism and can be used to evoke an emotional response from the reader.

Take Eric Riznyk, Senior Production Manager at MNI. When he sees DayGlo inks executed in advertising, it reminds him of his childhood playing with his first pack of neon crayons, or during Halloween when the DayGlo inks illuminate under a black light. For others on the team, it’s just the visual joy a pop of color can create on the page. The ink has a way of leading the eye to the objectives an advertiser wants to highlight.

Cover Wraps by default are a step above the rest in advertising, as the advertiser becomes the front and back cover of a magazine. DayGlo inks will take an advertiser to a whole new level as they lure the reader in with a bright fluorescent color while delivering the messaging in a bold way!

You can check out DayGlo’s website to get inspired by these amazing colors!


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If there is any way to capture the attention of your target audience, it’s with DayGlo inks. Learn why it’s our secret weapon for cover wraps done right.