The Print Effect: How Consumer Behavior & Neuro Marketing Principles Prove Magazines Deliver

For a long time, magazine brands and publishers have touted (rightfully so) the impressive, unique qualities of advertising in magazines. The magazine media ecosystem provides advertisers with a trusted, quality, curated editorial environment that consumers want to engage with.


Consumers vote with their wallets for magazine subscriptions each month, soaking in both the editorial and advertisements in a frame of mind where they truly are receptive. Advertisements in magazines are any marketers dream—print garners 75% recall because consumers are at the center of the magazine brand.

(Source: Canada Post and True Impact)


New, unbiased research from leading universities, academicians, brain psychologists, cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists, and marketing mixed modelers support what we already knew—magazines ads are a valuable component in omnichannel media campaigns.

Read our white paper on the ‘Print Effect’ to learn:

• How magazines work, according to consumer behavior and neuro marketing principals

• How magazines deliver on both upper and lower funnel metrics according to marketing mix modelers

• How a healthy, balanced media approach drives your most effective ad campaign