Have you ever been in a bookstore and seen a person gliding her fingertips over the book covers? She’s barely looking at the titles, just skimming four fingers across the tops of the stacks. Occasionally she stops, and places her whole palm down on a specific cover, rubbing it, feeling it, petting it. When she thinks no one’s looking, she may take a magazine with a grainy varnish on the cover and gently touch it to her cheek... / Read More

Recently I had the pleasure of introducing Linda Thomas Brooks, President and Chief Executive Officer of the MPA—The Association of Magazine Media, at our national sales meeting. I wanted to warm up the audience for her after they’d had an information-intense day of meetings and trainings, and prepared a short history of magazines to whet their appetite for print media... / Read More

The most interesting conversations I have with media buying and marketing folk often lack the well-worn language. We’ve managed whole conversations without uttering the words ‘engagement,’ ‘transparency,’ ‘hyper-targeted,’ analytics,’ ‘story-telling,’ ‘data,’ or ‘platform.’ Yet, magazine cover wraps deliver all of that. / Read More

I’m on my phone all day, every day. Like 80% of my Millennial counterparts, my phone is the first thing I look at when I wake up, and the last thing I look at before I go to bed1. When I get to work, I’m primarily on my desktop. And when I get home, I rarely have the luxury of powering down for a brief digital detox—I’m in front of the TV with either my tablet or my phone, while simultaneously asking questions to my always-listening Alexa. / Read More

I have been in love with the printed word since I was a mere boy of nine-years-old. Now, while that statement might not seem like a gargantuan expression of passion to some; you would have to first understand my ink on paper addiction completely. I have over 35,000 first edition magazines in my collection, some dating back tothe late 1800s... / Read More

Magazines have existed for 353 years and have been the go-to-source for leading content and captivating stories. We know magazines inspire consumers– they get your product, service or destination into the subliminal consideration set–the ones we create in our mind, without really knowing.  When we start to plan and do research on a specific topic your brand will come to mind because we’ve seen it in our favorite magazines. / Read More

If advertising technology had an ‘It’ girl, she would look a lot like Augmented Reality. Propelled by the fanatic popularity of Pokémon Go, whether you love it or loathe it, AR is the tech that’s on the minds of marketers.  One reason is because we know that virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to generate about $150 billion in revenue by the year 2020.1 / Read More

Approximately one in five moms is a Millennial Mom, accounting for nearly nine million people in the U.S.  At our Stamford HQ alone, we have eight millennial moms (or dads) who will have a baby in 2016! What’s more, millennial parents are wielding a staggering $200 billion in spending power. The statistics speak volumes, so marketers have a lot to lose by not reaching this emerging consumer demographic powerhouse. / Read More

With so much of our business being targeted digital advertising, it’s easy to overlook our print heritage. MNI pioneered placing local ads in prestigious national magazines—even back in the early 80s we knew it was all about geo-targeting and top-tier publishing partners. Today, we specialize in digital marketing—mobile, programmatic media, influencer, social—we’re at the forefront of emerging targeting technologies... / Read More

Yay, Print! One of the many perks of working at a media planning and buying agency is that we get to see the most cutting-edge targeting marketing technologies and ad executions. From next-level geo-targeted advertising to innovative magazine advertising creative, we’re always looking for new ways to connect our clients with their precise audiences. / Read More