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The Future of Real Estate Marketing  

In today's competitive market, the importance of advertising for real estate agents should never be underestimated. You need to use all the right real estate marketing and advertising tactics to your advantage to stand out from other agents and reach the right buyers.


NPR reports that there are more agents than there are houses for sale in the U.S. On "any given day, you're likely to see about half a million homes for sale, and there are 1.5 million members of the National Association of Realtors." Small Biz Genius adds that when you combine licensed NAR realtors and the real estate agents outside the association, you're actually looking at more than two million agents. 


In an industry this saturated, you need to pull out all the stops to set your brand apart. Below are a few trends and strategies realtors are embracing.


The Future of Real Estate Advertising  

The future of real estate advertising is looking bright, with new innovative tactics bringing agents and buyers closer than ever before. This is significant since agents need buyers to trust them to get the sale, and buyers need reliable guidance and support throughout the difficult journey. After all, home buying and selling are among the biggest investment transactions some people have or will ever participate in, so they need reassurance they're being taken care of.  


Use Data and Analytics to Keep Audiences Engaged  

As the industry begins to slow after the pandemic, it's important for brands to keep their audiences engaged. You can do this by doing one or more of the following realtor marketing tactics: 

  • Target the right people who are actively searching for properties to maximize revenue and minimize waste 
  • Adjust creative/messaging to let clients and home buyers know you are there for them every step of the way 
  • Knowing your audience allows you to determine the best content to create 
  • Track your analytics to know what's working and what's not 


Powerful Digital Presence  

Having a powerful digital presence is crucial for local real estate marketers. Real estate agents must have a strong online presence to cater to buyers' ever-changing behaviors and needs. Not only are more people working from home, but there are also fewer face-to-face interactions between agents and buyers. Every industry has been forced into the online space following the pandemic, and real estate is no exception. In fact, 90% of real estate firms already have websites.


Generations Chart with Key-3Fastest Growing Homebuying Demographic: Millennials  

According to research reported by Bankrate, "There are 66 million millennials in the U.S., and they now represent 37% of the total national homebuying market." The report also noted that the millennial generation is the largest share of first-time homebuyers. This is nothing new and certainly not temporary since NAR adds that millennials have dominated the real estate home buying space since 2014. 


What does this mean to you? Having a digital presence is no longer an option but a necessity for effective real estate marketing.  

According to the Real Estate in a Digital Age 2019 report98% of older millennials search online websites for home search information, and 81% of older millennials/80% of younger millennials found their home using a mobile device. As for finding their real estate agent in the beginning steps, 23% of younger millennials used mobile for this step. And this was before the pandemic fast-tracked nearly everything digital and virtual. 


Utilizing Social Media Marketing to Build Communication  

One of the best ways for relators to advertise  is through social media. Connect with consumers on social media – where most of your target audience is spending their free time.  

Not only is more than half (53%) of the world's population on social media, but the average daily time spent on social platforms is about two hours and three minutes.

Not sure how to market real estate on social media ? You can connect with social media users by: 

  • Using surveys and questionnaires about what homebuyers are looking for in their next home
  • Showing pictures of successful home selling and buying
  • Showcasing available homes for purchasing
  • Giving a personal look into your life to make current/potential buyers feel like they know you, and therefore, can trust you


You will also want to increase your ad spend on social ads and consistently produce quality content to build/maintain strong relationships with current and potential buyers. For instance, when you increase your investment in Facebook marketing while leveraging other social media platforms, you'll benefit from building your brand and increasing visibility and leads. 


Waze Ad in Car Cropped-2Waze: One of the Most Popular Advertising Platforms for Real Estate Agents  

Driving habits have changed in the last decade – more people are driving than ever before. According to AAA Newsroom, there has been an 8% increase in driving time, with Americans spending more than 70 billion hours behind the wheel.

Waze is an impactful advertising platform when you're promoting an open house (especially an event with a set destination and time) because it uses location targeting to connect you with people who are not only near you but on the move.  

Waze offers three types of advertisements that allow agents to target drivers within a specific radius: 

  1. Search — when searching through the app, users will find your business (or open house!) at the top of the results.
  2. Pins — a branded pin is added to the Waze map, so nearby drivers can easily find and locate your open house.
  3. Zero-speed Takeover — nearby users can be introduced to you or your open houses via a digital billboard that covers the top portion of the navigation screen when the driver stops completely


Virtual Tours  For Realtor Marketing

There has been a significant shift from open houses to video/virtual tours to drive engagement for listings and to enhance the buyer experience. Digital In The Round reports that 67% of people want more businesses/agents to offer virtual tours, and 50% of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours in their research and decision-making process. There are at least two notable benefits of this marketing and real estate tactic:  

  1. Making the purchasing process easier and safer 
  2. Virtual staging – easier on the seller, offers more customization to tailor to specific markets/trends, can sell home fast without having to leave 


Real Estate Marketing with MNI 

Partner with MNI for the best marketing strategies for realtors.  With the industry so jam-packed with talented and eager agents, you'll need the upper hand of a team of experts to help fast-track you to the top and in front of the right buyers. Contact us for more real estate marketing tips and advice on navigating the latest innovations for marketing your real estate company.


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