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Travel Companions Wanted

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Associate Director, Account Marketing

Store your winter parkas because summer is finally here! Chances are you have planned a few relaxing weekend trips to spend with your friends. While we’re busy stocking up on SPF, the travel industry is loading up on location-based technology for real-time targeting and audience profiling. These technologies will allow businesses like hotels and airlines to deliver customized content and offers to their audiences based on demographic, behavioral, contextual, and geographical needs (iMediaConnection).

Before you can frolic on the beach, you’re sure to face crowded flights. Travel is expected to increase more than 4.5 percent from last year, making this year the busiest summer travel season to date as the economy rebounds. However, travel duration is typically short, with 40 percent of U.S. leisure trips four days or less and within 500 miles of home. We’re also booking services last minute, typically on our mobile devices. Programmatic plus dynamic content optimization (DCO) capabilities will allow us to receive the hottest deals for hotel, car rental, and flights based on location and time of the day. For instance, a vacationer with a long layover is likely to check out a mobile ad for a cheap tourist attraction nearby.

The travel industry can accompany vacationers by leveraging the right ad tech and strategies. Wherever you go this summer, look out for these “travel companions” to fuel your wanderlust spirit.


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Associate Director, Account Marketing