Top Five Programmatic Solutions to Customize Your Advertising Campaign


With consumers demanding personalized advertising messages, it’s more important than ever to use programmatic solutions to customize your digital campaigns.

Adding programmatic customizations allows advertisers to share the right message to the right audience
at the right time. With programmatic customization expected to increase 56%1 this year, I wanted to share a few programmatic solutions that you can apply to your programmatic advertising campaigns today.


1)  Use Your Data

a. First-party data is key to meeting the goals and KPIs of your ad campaigns. If you have it, onboard it and use it to ensure messages reach the right consumers and eliminate waste. Onboarding offline data enables advertisers to build custom segments based on matched users. Applying pixels to websites and creative provides metrics and insights that provide further understanding of who is engaging with brands online. It helps build targetable audiences based on this rich, first-party engagement data.  First-party data not only helps advertisers reach consumers already engaged with their brand, but also extends reach to those who are most likely to be interested, based on their online habits.


2)  Break the Creative Mold

a. Change creative throughout the funnel to avoid message fatigue and keep your audience engaged. Use video units for branding, then transition to online streaming audio units or programmatic skinz (page takeovers) as consumers move lower in the funnel. Run creative with a strong call-to-action, as they’re closing in on a final decision. Keeping messages fresh and relevant to consumers is an easy way to further customize programmatic campaigns.



3)  Define YOUR Funnel

a. Clearly defining audiences as they move throughout the purchase funnel—to understand what’s interesting them, what’s grabbing their attention, and what’s influencing them— and personalizing messages to make their decision easier, is one programmatic solution all advertisers should be doing. With this understanding, advertisers can employ tactics, such as intelligent remarketing to remind consumers what they were looking at, and other relevant solutions that can further help them.

Use analytics data to optimize to the right mix and experience continued success with each user or audience.


4)  Buy Guaranteed

a. Buying programmatic guaranteed for impressions and audience further eliminates waste, ensuring advertisers reach the right audience at the desired reach and frequency that will encourage conversion. Guaranteeing impressions and audience is a surefire way to connect with consumers. Additionally, campaign analytics can be used to identify the optimal mix and implement these learnings for future success.


5)  Demand Transparency

a. One of the best programmatic customizations is through transparency.
Transparency to programmatic advertising campaigns educates advertisers on overall performance. Advanced programmatic analytics can show the top sites where ads have run, the quartile of video completion, performance by creative, audience insights, and much more. Using this information to understand how consumers are reacting to messaging throughout the funnel allows advertisers to adapt their message and engage consumers in a more personalized way, with custom offers and stronger calls-to-action or incentives.

Programmatic customization can be daunting. But marketers can easily implement this powerful solution by understanding how their target consumer moves through the purchase funnel and customizing campaign tactics to engage them. Contact us to learn how our programmatic experts can help customize your campaign.