Top Digital Marketing & Advertising Trends For June 2017

Top Digital Marketing Trends for June 2017

• The MNI Ad Network is the #1 Local Ad Focus Network in the nation, reaching 94% of the total U.S. digital population, or 236,175,000 unique visitors, with digital ads last month. Source: comScore May 2017.

Trends in Retail for Back-to-School Season

• Retail sales during 2017’s back-to-school shopping season will grow 4% over 2016, surpassing last year’s $857.18 billion in retail revenue. Online sales will grow 14.8%, to $74.03 billion this year. Source: eMarketer, June 2017.

• 53% of retailers are planning to make mobile marketing their top priority for this year’s back-to-school campaigns, with 70% planning to issue mobile offers through partner platforms. Source:, June 2017.

• Gen Z (ages 13 to 17) is the only generation that says advertisements influence their perception of "cool" products, along with peer conversations and personalization. Read more about Gen Z Advertising hereSource: Think With Google, March 2017.

• Americans are evolving to be visual-first, with three-out-of-five of the most used apps in the U.S. being photo-, video-, and visual-first. Learn more about how generations consume various forms of media hereSource: Facebook IQ, March 2017.

TV and Video Streaming Trends

• Cord cutters are more likely to use a streaming box or stick to power their OTT (over-the-top) viewing
habits—71% of cord-cutting homes use streaming devices, versus 59% of all OTT-viewing Wi-Fi homes.
Cord-cutters are also slightly less likely to use game consoles and connected TVs than the
average Wi-Fi home. Source: comScore, June 2017.

• One-out-of-five sports fans watches live events on his or her mobile phone. Additionally, sports fans are more likely to own streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku. Source: GfK Insights, June 2017.

• Facebook has been talking to its biggest media and publishing partners, to introduce TV-worthy programming to the social network. They hope people will tune in to shows and watch for longer periods of time, rather than just stumble upon videos in the News Feed and quickly swipe away.

Read more about risks and benefits of digital video advertising hereSource: AdAge, June 2017.

Digital Payment Trends

• Use of voice payments will nearly quadruple over the next five years, to reach 31% of U.S. adults—81 million consumers—by 2022. An explosion of voice-enabled devices, gains in artificial intelligence, and a strong consumer value proposition for voice payments will fuel this trend. Source: BI Intelligence, June 2017.