Improving The Ad Viewability of Your Brand


A How-To Guide for Living in a World of Ad Blindness!

Ad blockers! Ad Blindness! Ad Viewability! These are some common buzzwords you see and hear in
digital media. Ad blocking is a hot topic: Digital advertising is constantly evolving to make sure publishers
are reaching the desired audiences and that they’re seeing the brand’s ads.

Why Are Ad Blockers used?

One of the top reasons people have ad blockers installed on their devices is to avoid viruses and malware, and we understand the impact of ad blockers, They aren’t going anywhere, but thankfully there are many tactics that brands can use to make sure their message is delivered to their audience.

Here are just a few ways brands can avoid ad blockers and still have a successful campaign:

Third-Party Verification: Vendors and buying agencies are layering MOAT, IAS, or Double Verify onto campaigns to make sure the brand is only paying for viewable, quality impressions.

Premium Sites: Forbes and Business Insider are two examples of endemic sites that do not allow you to view content on the site if an ad blocker is turned on. A lot more sites will be following this model, since advertising is a primary revenue source for many sites.

Native: Native advertising is a tactic that will continue to grow in an ad-blocking world. Native feeds and widgets look similar to the sites they reside on, which makes native ads user friendly, and shows a sneak peak of sponsored content from the brand. Native publishers will make sure the sponsored content from the brand is around contextually relevant content, ultimately driving awareness for the brand.

Social Ads: Home in on your audience when they’re on social media and where ad blockers can’t block. With social ads, brands are able to layer on advanced targeting to narrow down to the specific audience and serve an ad while they are engaged. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are social platforms that brands should be advertising on to target their potential customers.


While ad blockers will not be going away any time soon, there are a lot of options for marketers to
avoid them and make sure their ads are being seen by the precise audiences they’re looking to reach.

Looking for more information? Continue reading about how to reduce ad blindness and improve your ad viewability!